Colorado Skies

March 23, 2017

ebb + flow :: colorado skies

My alarm is set for a VERY early time tomorrow but it’s for a great reason. I’m hopping on a plane and visiting the first friend I ever made at Iowa State! We met more than a decade ago and we’ve been long overdue for a weekend of catching up, taking in the mountains and peace. I’m signing off to soak it all up and I’ll catch you next week when I’m back to my normal altitude!

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Weekend Wrap Up 3.19

March 19, 2017

ebb + flow :: weekend wrap up

What a weekend it has been! I had some friends and their misters in town for the last few days and it has been nothing short of wonderful. They were so tolerant of the construction zone we call home, love Minneapolis and didn’t gripe too much when I served them severely under cooked cinnamon rolls this morning. Those are good people, amiright?! Now I’m putzing around the house, listening to this on repeat and trying to get my act together for the week ahead. Enjoy these links from around the web while I muster the strength to do a load of laundry or five.

Roman Times

March 17, 2017

ebb + flow :: roman times

Many moons ago, I studied abroad in Rome and this weekend two of my roomies from that semester adventure are heading to Minneapolis! I am so, so pumped to show these gals the city, sip wine and reminisce while making some St.Patrick’s Day memories. See you on Sunday!

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IKEA Jassa

March 14, 2017

ebb + flow :: IKEA Jassa

I went to IKEA twice in the last three days. That’s a little much for someone like me with very little patience but I managed and I checked out the new Jassa collection along the way. I’ve gotta say, guys, it’s pretty solid. Perfect for summer with bamboo and rattan details, bold splashes of color and an ease about the pieces. I haven’t bought any pieces yet but I’ve got my eye on a few as the basement remodel comes together. I’m looking at you, basket.

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Great Barrington Green

March 13, 2017

ebb + flow :: great barrington green

I’ve mentioned it about 45 times but the dining room went green this weekend and I AM OBSESSED. The color is called Great Barrington Green and, in person, it looks like an old green chalkboard and a summer camp had a baby. Are you following me? It’s better than I ever imagined and I can’t wait to put the finishing touches on this space. After that all my energy is going into our basement renovation. All of the walls have been framed, mood boards have been created, finishes have been purchased and I am antsy to see it all come together. Keep you posted on that front. In the meantime, I’ll be staring into my Great Barrington Green walls. Totally normal…

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Weekend Wrap Up 3.12

March 12, 2017

ebb + flow :: weekend wrap up

This daylight savings stuff isn’t really doing it for me. I feel like the morning has already slipped away! I’ll try and type fast so I can get back to painting the dining room (this color!) and enjoying this sunny Sunday. Enjoy, friends!