Looking ahead.

January 18, 2021

After the dumpster fire that was 2020 (except for you, Oliver J), it seems silly to kick the year off with resolutions. We’re all just surviving. And that’s just fine.

Surviving as evident by the fact that this post about the ‘new year’ is coming to you mid-January.

Surviving as evident by the fact that my DoorDash account gets more action on my phone than ever before.

Surviving as evident by the fact that my wardrobe is 90% leggings and sweatshirts.

Surviving as evident by the fact that 30 mins on a bike feels like a luxury vacation.

Surviving as evident that our household is held together by Disney+ some evenings (and mornings and days and weekends).

We’re doing it, folks, and that’s all that matters. I once heard a saying ‘never apologize for what you did when you had to survive.’ So this year, let’s give ourselves more grace. We deserve it.

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It’s a lot.

January 7, 2021

Let’s see, since we last connected a few things have happened…

  • Covid-19 continues to rage on and on (but so thankful for those that are getting vaccinated!). I fell victim to the germ in early November and spent the better part of a month at home with three kiddos and my saint of a sister. Luckily symptoms were very mild but, I tell ya, that not being able to taste and smell is very, very odd.
  • The Red Head left for Army Basic Training right before the Covid bug hit our house. That leaves me solo with three kids under three here at the home-front but we are so lucky to have a stellar daycare and incredible network of friends and family near and far. People have really come out of the woodwork, even during a pandemic, to help us in countless ways. Can’t wait until we’re all back together this summer!
  • The holidays have somehow come and gone. The Red Head was home for two weeks (!!) but the time flew by. We masked up with family in Chicago, Zoomed with family across the country, made countless FaceTime calls, toasted to the New Year at 10:30 instead of midnight, and hunkered down through a classic Minnesota snow storm. Now, I’ve set my focus on cleaning, sorting, and purging every closet, drawer and basket in this house. It’s amazing how quickly kids’ stuff accumulates!
  • Oliver J is growing like a weed! He’s got a long torso (like Michael Phelps, I tell him) and the best smile. He’s patient and sweet and the perfect little man to complete our family.

I know I’m forgetting a million and one other things happening day to day here and across the country (do we need to talk about the ‘protestors‘ at the Capitol yesterday… I have no words) but wishing all the best for you and yours in 2021. We’re only one week in and it’s been… a lot.

Onward and upward, friends.

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In a mood.

July 15, 2020

What’s life like for you these days? I’m back working full-time (from home), the girls are in daycare, things are slowly starting to open up around town, pregnancy is slowing me down (30 weeks and some change already), and, at our house, we’re each taking turns having our moments. Moments of impatience, frustration, and general lunacy. Seems about right for 2020, though. Between it all, I’ve been lucky enough to post some findings on the faucethead blog. Check out the latest here and stay safe, friends.

Also, wear a damn mask.

Only six months in…

June 16, 2020

Wow. 2020 has really been… something, for lack of a better word. These days I find myself reading, bookmarking, listening, and doing as much self-educating on racial injustice as possible (and counting down the days until our library re-opens so I can check out some more books on the topic), preparing for baby number 3 (due in September), finishing a kitchen re-model (almost there), and working from home full-time during the lingering COVID pandemic. These are wild times, folks, and we’re only six months in. What’s 2020 got for us next?

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May 5, 2020

ebb + flow :: fc feature

Feels like every post and conversation these days starts with a sigh and a ‘how are you?’… right? We’re moving beyond that here and, furthermore, over on the faucethead blog today we’re setting May intentions. Personally, I’m taking longer walks, writing longer letters (five in the mail yesterday and a Menards rebate, of course, ha!), reading longer books, and trying (really trying, I swear) to be a bit more patient but also giving myself a break. It’s all we can do but we’re doing great!

Little Moments

April 20, 2020

ebb + flow :: little moments

Anyone else feel like they’re living for the little moments every day? Some days those little moments are a nanosecond of alone time with a cold Diet Coke. Some days that moment is a glimpse of beautiful weather and a sunset. Other days it’s declaring a family movie night, making microwave popcorn and ignoring the news.

As someone who thrives on productivity and alone time, this has been an interesting (read: very challenging) time. I don’t leave the house (other than for walks or the occasional ‘drive’), I work early mornings and over nap time, every other moment I have two children by my side who haven’t mastered the art of independent play just yet, our kitchen is still mid-remodel (and the shop where work is being done is closed), and, the craziest part, we don’t know when or how this will all end…

All this to say, I am so, so lucky and grateful. At the same time, I’m also exhausted, mentally and physically, and struggling at the moment. Yay for all the emotions at once! Maybe I’ll make the advice above my little moment goal for today: rest and be kind.

Hang in there.

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Keeping Distance

April 13, 2020

ebb & flow :: distance

Checking in. How is it going in your world? We are holding steady here. Days are long, it snowed six inches yesterday (rude), and I fear the day I have to fit into jeans again. That’s obviously sugar coating all that’s going on but we are doing our best to stay in a good headspace at this time. Sending all the best your way. Talk soon, friends.

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Social Distancing

March 16, 2020

ebb + flow :: social distancing

My, how the world has changed in the last week, no? How are you holding up, friends? Like many, COVID-19 is rocking our news outlets, online feeds, physical worlds, financial security, and sanity. I’m feeling very fortunate for my work from home option, incredible in-home daycare, and health at this very moment but also juggling the same anxiety and uncertainties that creep up as the news changes hourly. Not sure what else to say but we’re all in this together and I’m sending all the good vibes your way.

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