Weekend Wrap Up 4.19

April 19, 2015

ebb + flow :: weekend wrap up

After about 8 hours of painting this weekend, it has been determined that the Red Head and I don’t like the master bedroom paint color we chose. This is a problem but I haven’t lost total faith… yet. I’m hoping that new carpet, dark curtains, a wall of framed art and some new bedding will change our mind. Here’s hoping that works because these arms are TIRED from rolling walls and ceilings for the last two days. While I go stare at a wall and convince myself I love the color, enjoy these links from around the web this week.

Pastel Moment

April 17, 2015

ebb + flow :: pastel moment

In scrolling through my feeds today I noticed that I’m definitely having a pastel moment. I blame spring and I’m not mad about it. Bring on the budding flowers, the sunshine and some BBQs because it has been far too long. Maybe we could pack all three of those things into tomorrow afternoon? Let’s do it, weekend. Have a good one!

Source :: Wit & Delight

This color everywhere.

April 14, 2015

ebb + flow :: this color

As I finished priming the last bits of our woodwork, trim and newly refurbished walls last night, my thoughts shifted to the colorful part of our master bedroom remodel that lies ahead: the blue-grey we’ve chosen as the wall (and ceiling!) color. For the next few days I imagine I’ll be seeing this color in my hair, in my dreams and spotted on my pup. After that, it’s time to get all the trim to bright white, add some woodwork and start to piece the details together. The details are always my favorite part so let’s hope my painting skills are operating at light speed!

Source :: Clark + Kensington

Weekend Wrap Up 4. 12

April 12, 2015

ebb + flow :: weekend wrap up

Full disclosure: this post was a total lie. Definitely not intentional, but definitely a lie. Rather than painting the last 36 hours we have encountered an inordinate amount of prep work in our master bedroom. I think I’ve caulked every seam imaginable, filled more holes than I ever thought possible and primed a measly two walls. On top of all that, one wall literally just scraped off. Hey, that’s fun, 91-year old house! There’s a light at the end of the prepping tunnel, but we’ve still got a few more to-do’s to check off the list today. Maybe next Saturday we’ll have a painting party? You’re definitely invited! Until then, enjoy these links from around the web.

Weekend Wrap Up 4.6

April 6, 2015

ebb + flow :: weekend wrap up

What an eventful few days! So eventful that I left you hanging on a Sunday without a wrap up. It happens. But I’m back and today I have an assortment of Internet gold to send your way. Enjoy!