August 6, 2021

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Traveling with three kids under the age of four should be an Olympic sport. At least, packing for three kids under the age of four should be! After many days (weeks?) of planning, prepping, packing and only mild panic, we made it up to Door County last week for the annual Braun getaway. Four days of staying up too late, drinking too much wine, eating too much cheese and hanging with so much family we hadn’t seen in a long time was worth all the stress. Here’s hoping that next year the girls decide the water isn’t ‘too cold’ to enjoy!

Together again.

June 9, 2021

We did it! The Red Head left for Fort Jackson Basic Training November 3, crushed Officer Candidate School at Fort Benning and is now back home in Minnesota as of May 28.

What. A. Journey.

This photo, taken a couple weeks ago already, is my current favorite. Is a 24×36 for above the fireplace too much, ha! Welcome home, Red.

Literal Feels

May 11, 2021

Source :: Farmhouse Touches

This past weekend, I loaded up the minivan and made the journey to Chicago solo with three (!!) kids. Armed with a console full of Diet Coke, many a’podcast, two fully charged iPads and lots of enthusiasm we made it! And it was so worth it. We saw (fully vaccinated) family and friends that hadn’t even met Oliver, visited parks I grew up with, ventured to the city, and had minimal tears on the way to and from. Gold stars to my road trip warriors and gold stars to hugging family (and that’s all coming from someone who’s not much of a toucher!). Can’t wait to all be together again this summer!

Booked & Busy

April 20, 2021

Source :: Elle Decor

In the most exciting news around here in quite some time, I booked a plane ticket last weekend to pick up the Red Head from Officer School at the end of May! Kid-free and vaccinated, it’ll feel like a whole new world. The countdown is on!

Heart Eyes Always

April 7, 2021

Source :: Becki Owens IG

I’ve pinned, tagged, saved, bookmarked, and loved a lot of spaces over the years but something about this kitchen keeps me coming back again again. Perhaps it’s the weathered beam, the doorway details, the perfect vein of the countertops, the mixing of wood tones, the beautiful hood, the lines of the hardware, the black window frame… all of it! Saving in my inspiration folder forever and for always.

Thinking about this today.

March 19, 2021

“i do not expect my child’s respect.
just because i have given birth to their life.
does not mean they owe me.
what i want most
is to look into my child’s eyes
that i have given birth
held and feed.
from the moment we first met.
they love me for it.”

Nayyirah Waheed