Light Up My Life

October 6, 2016

ebb + flow :: current fave

Of all the projects going on in our house right now, we’ve got one off the checklist that I’m straight-up obsessed with. It’s this bugger in our guest room/office/dressing room (it’s a small house, we’re trying to use space efficiently!). I scored it from Lowe’s for less than $70 after eyeing some beauties at Schoolhouse Electric and  Rejuvenation that we’re way out of our price range. A couple coats of spray paint, some minor re-wiring and presto this bad boy is now the best feature in our house.

Those nine bulbs give off quite the glow so I’m hoping to add a dimmer this weekend and get some finishing touches in place in other areas of the room. One piece at a time this house is starting to feel a bit more like home!

Source :: @housetwerking

Weekend Wrap Up 10.3

October 3, 2016

ebb + flow :: weekend wrap up

What a glorious fall weekend in Minnesota! The sunshine showed up for the Ryder Cup and I loved every second of it. I may have even enjoyed the weather more than the golf! Ha! And, to top it all off, I had a visit from my mom! Nothing says ‘thanks for coming to visit’ like forcing yard work and errands upon the visitor. She’s a trooper, I tell ya, and the yard, grocery list and house projects are oh-so thankful. Now we’re back full swing (golf pun!) into another week. Hope you’re ready and enjoy these links from around the web this week!

Weekend Starts Now.

September 28, 2016

ebb + flow :: weekend starts now

My weekend starts now and I’m ready! There’s a little sporting event in town (ha!) and since I married into a family of golfers the Ryder Cup has become a must-see! I’m donning patriotic gear, grabbing a few cocktails and embracing the country club lifestyle for a few days. After that, it’s back to reality with some more house projects (painting all. the. things.) but a very exciting, spontaneous visit from my mom too! This is going to be a great weekend, I can just feel it. Hope you have the same!


Weekend Wrap Up 9.24

September 25, 2016

ebb + flow :: weekend wrap up

My favorite thing, of late, is weekends at home. They have been pretty sparse lately but the Red Head and I are doing our best to make them a priority. They’re the perfect excuse to fall asleep on the couch at 9:30 with a glass of wine and a giant dog, make getting up in the morning so much easier and have really helped us tackle little house to-do’s on our (terrifyingly long) list. Today’s tasks include painting the guest room/office. We’re going dark blue! It should be coming together in the next few weeks so follow along here and enjoy these links from around the web this week.

Going Gold

September 22, 2016

ebb + flow :: going gold with @housetwerking ebb + flow :: going gold with @housetwerking

Every day for about the last week, I’ve spent some time out in the garage spray painting. Everything is going gold at the Erickson casa, it seems, and first up was this steal of a bench from IKEA. We needed a seat (we had been using the bench from our dining room) for the desk in our living room and at $24.99 and about $15 in spray paint, this one fit the bill. Let’s see how it holds up to everyday use, that will be the real test!

Source :: @housetwerking

Fall Look Book

September 20, 2016

ebb + flow :: Mall of America Look Book ebb + flow :: Mall of America Look Book ebb + flow :: Mall of America Look Book

It’s live! It’s live! After many weeks of anticipation, the Mall of America 2016 fall look book is here! We worked with some of the coolest cats in the game (Sarah Edwards, Brandon Werth, IKEA, the list goes on…) and I’m so happy with the results. If you’re local to Minneapolis keep an eye out for the printed look books as well. They may just appear at your doorstep!

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