Weekend Wrap Up 9.20

September 20, 2015

ebb + flow :: weekend wrap up

Holy smokes, I don’t want this weekend to ever end. There’s been great food (stop 1 and stop 2), great friends, the cutest babe, Minneapolis adventures and now, I’m off to catch the Vikings game. The Sunday Blues are going to be realllll tonight. I’ll distract myself with these links from around the web this week. Enjoy:

To Pals

September 18, 2015

ebb + flow :: to pals

Right now I’ve got best friend mid-flight en route to Minneapolis and a bunch of bottles of wine that need to be opened. It’s going to be a great weekend. Hope you have the same!

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Big Breakfast Plans

September 17, 2015

ebb + flow :: big plans

In keeping with the super exciting Erickson way of life lately (sarcasm), the Red Head and I have big plans tonight. They involve pancakes, eggs, bacon and English muffins. That’s right, folks, it’s breakfast for dinner night and we’re oddly pumped. I guess it’s the little things in life and maybe, more than anything, I’m just thankful we don’t have to watch another Republican Debate tonight. That spectacle last night was draining, to say the least. Cheers (with orange juice)!

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September 14, 2015

ebb + flow :: snooze ebb + flow :: snooze

The Red Head and I are about to embark on a very snoozy three months. Those three months will include a rigorous exam prep course (goodbye Monday-Thursday nights), a licensing exam and shoulder surgery. Lucky for me all of these un-fun items on the Red Head’s plate but unlucky for me is the fact that my partner is crime is going to be MIA! Time to dive into the stack of books I’ve accumulated this year, finish some final painting around our house before the temp drops, sort every drawer, cabinet and nook of our home and de-clutter. If you know me, you know I’m actually pretty pumped about the de-clutter part but it’s going to be a long and quiet fall at the Erickson abode. Bring on some happy hours with girlfriends, please!

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Weekend Wrap Up 9.13

September 13, 2015

ebb + flow :: weekend wrap up

Well, as predicted, Miss Swift puts on one killer show. I’ve been riding that high through two days of work meetings, family birthday parties, bowling matches with grandparents and a Sunday that is quickly filling up! Can we get a Labor Day 2.0? That would be incredibly helpful right about now. While I attempt to scrounge up some more hours in this day, enjoy these links from around the web!

This is happening.

September 11, 2015

ebb + flow :: taylor swift

This is happening tonight and I’m not the least bit embarrassed. As a matter of fact, I fully intend to buy a T-Shirt to commemorate the experience. Jealous?

Also, in case you haven’t caught on, I’m clearly a big liar and still haven’t shared the big project I’ve been working on at MOA due to last minute tweaks and finesse. One day, though, one day. As Taylor would say, shake if off.

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