the best intentions

February 19, 2019

ebb + flow :: cece ebb + flow :: coco

I had every intention of blogging regularly after the babes arrived but sometimes you just gotta sleep. And eat. And take a deep breath. And put your phone down for 0.2 seconds. So, here I am checking in for just a minute to say hi.

Coco & Cece are keeping us busy with their crawling skills, building their immune system by contracting every virus the Twin Cities has to offer and sleeping like champs (which we are forever grateful for). Hard to believe they’ll be one in about six weeks. As everyone (seriously, everyone) says… time flies!

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December 17, 2018

ebb + flow :: smile

On days where getting everyone out the door, dressed and somewhat on time feels like a major victory, it’s nice to have some photos where you feel pretty. Thanks, Chelsey, for always capturing us in your magical way.

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September 4, 2018

ebb + flow :: camping

It’s still a couple weeks away but after an especially crazy August I am counting down the days to my annual girls’ camping trip! We’re remixing it this year (because #twins) but some of the tried and true traditions will be in there: a squirrel mask, onion dip, boxed wine, giant marshmallows and some of the best ladies on the planet. I’m so pumped!

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bug & bean

August 7, 2018

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It’s hard to sum up what life has been like for the last four months. My little loves (nicknamed the bug and the bean) came roaring onto the scene six weeks early, enjoyed a month long stay in the NICU, lived through two blizzards (rude, Minnesota…), met a very skeptical and very large big grey dog and changed everything about our lives. There’s no turning back and we’d never want to. As of April 2, everything is different and we feel oh-so lucky. Thanks for picking us, C&C.

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