Gimme Those Downloads

February 10, 2020

ebb + flow :: biodiversity heritage library

As someone who is always on the hunt for large-scale art at a small-scale (read: free) price, I am bookmarking, tagging, blogging, liking, sharing, and obsessing over this Biodiversity Heritage Library with over 150,000 high-res files for download. You want a botanical print? Check! Birds are more you’re thing? You got it! Fossils? Done! Check it out and thank me later.

Source :: Biodiversity Heritage Library

Instant Pot All Day, Every Day

January 27, 2020

ebb + flow :: instant pot

With our kitchen currently a dusty mess, we’ve been using our Instant Pot almost every day lately. We’ve done veggies, pasta, soups and lots of other hearty dishes but that’s just it… it’s all feeling very H E A V Y. Send me some Instant Pot or Slow Cooker faves my way, please! The lighter, the better. My waistband thanks you.

Source :: Instant Pot

Running Out of Room

January 14, 2020

ebb + flow :: new coat ebb + flow :: new coat

While the Red Head was out of town this weekend, the girls and I were total mall rats. We hit a mall on Saturday to get in our steps and get out the wiggles at a play center and then went to another mall on Sunday to do the whole routine again. Truth: it worked out wonderfully! And the little ladies managed to cooperate long enough for me to snag two coats on super sale (got both for about $75 together!) at GAP. Now I just need to find some room in our closets…

Source :: Plaid Coat + Teddy Bear Coat

Moving On.

January 7, 2020

ebb + flow :: kitchen plans

I penned ‘moving on’ as the title for this post and now I realize how ominous that is. Sorry, friends, I’m not going anywhere. Just moving from the bathroom project (DONE!) to kitchen planning mode. Are you ready?? Behind the scenes, the Red Head and I have been scheming, planning, brainstorming, meeting with contractors, scouting IKEA, picking my father-in-law’s brain, and pinning ideas for our kitchen re-model. We’re still very much in the ‘how the heck are we going to pay for this??’ phase but it’s fun to dream about our biggest project yet. Can’t wait to see this come together. 2020, watch out.

Sources :: Available here

Holiday Dress

December 10, 2019

ebb + flow :: holiday dress

Anyone else go into a panic today when they realized how close we are getting to Christmas?? The Red Head and I took off the whole week of the holidays for travel so that means we have holiday celebrations in MN starting mid-next week. Gulp! Time to kick the holiday spiriting into overdrive. We’re talking wrapping presents, making desserts, figuring out what we are wearing, trying not to drive each other crazy and blasting the holiday music from here on out. I’ve got one thing off my list, snagged this gem for a holiday show next Friday. Add some black tights and boots and we are in business. See you at the finish line, friends!

Source :: Target

Bathroom Update (Again)

December 3, 2019

ebb + flow :: bathroom

Last time we checked in on our (never-ending) bathroom remodel we were contemplating a new paint color. It happened, folks. Gladiator Grey is in and we love it! Much better for the space and vanity. Another step forward? A new light fixture is anxiously awaiting install. Ready for the step back (you knew this was coming…)? The vanity quartz arrived yesterday and the sink hole isn’t as wide as we need and it’s making the vessel sink wobbly. F***!! Hoping to get that fixed and have some running water in that space this week. Fingers crossed!

Turkey Day – Take One

November 26, 2019

ebb + flow :: turkey day take one

A week of Thanksgiving celebrations began last night at the Erickson abode and between all the festivities, this is the only photo I took! So here it is, a half-set table for your viewing pleasure. The menu included ham, potatoes, corn, green beans, shrimp, marinated cheese, gravy, pumpkin pie and rolls. Clearly, we did not go hungry. Round two coming up in just a few short days! Hope you have a great one!

Source :: my own

This is where we are.

November 19, 2019

ebb + flow :: bathroom update

After bedtime and during naptime, we’ve been doing our best to make some progress in our bathroom re-model. Like every project, it seems to be one step forward and two steps back but here’s where we are today. Wallpaper is in! Faucet and sink are at the stop getting fitted to the vanity countertop as we speak! And the light fixture arrived!

Ready for the two steps back part? I don’t think the wall color (that we just painted this weekend) is quite right now that the wallpaper is alongside it. Ready for more fun? That light fixture isn’t going to work. We need something with a larger backing to cover the wiring hole. So we’ve got some decisions to make tonight and some Thanksgiving festivities happening on Monday. Here’s hoping we at least have a working toilet in the space. Fingers crossed!

Sources :: linked above

caught the spirit

November 12, 2019

ebb + flow :: glitters

It could be the sudden drop in temperatures, the already full calendar or the displays at Target but I’ve caught the holiday spirit a little early this year. Christmas tunes have been played, wishlists are growing, holiday recipes are stacking up, and if I buy one more thing to ‘wear for the holidays’ I will have to cut up my credit card. I’m holding off on decorating for a couple more weeks, hopefully, but until then I am in CLEANING mode. Dark corners of our basement have been sorted, purged, donated and cleaned. Feels good knowing that the garland and trees will be cluttering up the space soon (!!). And, of course, there will be glitter on the floor to accompany them.

Source :: That Kind Of Woman

Amazon Fashion

November 5, 2019

ebb + flow :: amazon finds

I don’t know if the algorithm just really has me down or what but Amazon has been serving me A LOT of sweaters this season that have me looking twice. Do I dare order the questionable knits and hope for the best? I’ve been burned before (I’m looking at you, completely sheer dress!) but a sweater, for some reason, feels more safe. Here are four items I’ve got my eye on right now: a long version, yes to colorblocking, so many colors and something playful.

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