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November 19, 2019

ebb + flow :: bathroom update

After bedtime and during naptime, we’ve been doing our best to make some progress in our bathroom re-model. Like every project, it seems to be one step forward and two steps back but here’s where we are today. Wallpaper is in! Faucet and sink are at the stop getting fitted to the vanity countertop as we speak! And the light fixture arrived!

Ready for the two steps back part? I don’t think the wall color (that we just painted this weekend) is quite right now that the wallpaper is alongside it. Ready for more fun? That light fixture isn’t going to work. We need something with a larger backing to cover the wiring hole. So we’ve got some decisions to make tonight and some Thanksgiving festivities happening on Monday. Here’s hoping we at least have a working toilet in the space. Fingers crossed!

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caught the spirit

November 12, 2019

ebb + flow :: glitters

It could be the sudden drop in temperatures, the already full calendar or the displays at Target but I’ve caught the holiday spirit a little early this year. Christmas tunes have been played, wishlists are growing, holiday recipes are stacking up, and if I buy one more thing to ‘wear for the holidays’ I will have to cut up my credit card. I’m holding off on decorating for a couple more weeks, hopefully, but until then I am in CLEANING mode. Dark corners of our basement have been sorted, purged, donated and cleaned. Feels good knowing that the garland and trees will be cluttering up the space soon (!!). And, of course, there will be glitter on the floor to accompany them.

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Amazon Fashion

November 5, 2019

ebb + flow :: amazon finds

I don’t know if the algorithm just really has me down or what but Amazon has been serving me A LOT of sweaters this season that have me looking twice. Do I dare order the questionable knits and hope for the best? I’ve been burned before (I’m looking at you, completely sheer dress!) but a sweater, for some reason, feels more safe. Here are four items I’ve got my eye on right now: a long version, yes to colorblocking, so many colors and something playful.

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Still Twerking

October 8, 2019

ebb + flow :: still twerking

Though it’s become a lot harder than it used to be, the Red Head and I are still chipping away at house projects after bedtime, during naptime and during most moments of peace and calm inbetween. It’s slow going but we love it. Follow along here!

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Pumpkin Season

October 2, 2019

ebb + flow :: pumpkin season

October is here, folks. I’m not sure how I feel about that but it showed up regardless. Time is going way too fast! Despite my complicated feelings, I did my best to start the month off right with a batch of these last night. The kitchen smelled wonderful, I snagged a few hot out of the oven and I think I’m coming around to the changing of the months. To fully cement my commitment to Fall it seems I should go for these pancakes next, right? Local gal, Fit Foodie, just gets it right every time.

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Line Them Up

September 17, 2019

ebb + flow :: frame it

I have been on an epic search for reasonably priced frames with a large mat (love these, but not the price!) and was about to throw in the towel when I happened upon this solution from Elise. Thank you, IKEA. If you need me I’ll be measuring, hammering and framing for the next few days. Can’t wait for the final result!

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Bathroom Dreaming

September 10, 2019

ebb + flow :: bathroom dreams

We’ve got a date on the calendar, people. Our bathroom tile and tube are being re-glazed October 8 so you better believe I am scouring the interwebs for all the pieces to make this space come together. We’re in a bit of a holding pattern until the tile is 100% ready but I will be Pinning all the things until then. Here’s where we’re landing so far!

Mirror  |  Lighting  |  Vanity  |  Wallpaper  |  Faucet  |  Flooring  |  Hook

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Tile Obsessed

September 3, 2019

ebb + flow :: tile obsessed

The Red Head and I have been chipping away at little house projects here and there this past month and it feels GREAT! We’ve got some finishing touches to put on our living room (why are curtains so difficult to find?!), we updated a leaky window well, and we’re slowly updating all our door knobs and hinges but what I’ve really got my eyes on is a bathroom re-model. I’m thinking a plaid floor might need to happen!

Source :: Holly Mathis Interiors