Catch Up

January 9, 2015

ebb + flow :: catch up

With the blink of an eye, it seems we have arrived at Friday. I’m not quite sure how that happened, but I’ll take it! My plans changed a bit for the next few days so I hope to hunker down at the Erickson abode, check some lingering to-do’s off our list and stockpile soup for the cold days ahead. I’ve got a corn chowder and broccoli soup on my list so far but send more my way! The slow cooker and I are ready. Hope you have a cozy weekend in your neck of the woods as well and check in on Sunday for the first wrap up of the year.

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Vacation Reads

January 8, 2015

ebb + flow :: vacation reads

If time away is good for one thing, it’s reading. This I know to be true. In my eleven days of holiday travel I was able to finish three books and I give them each two thumbs up! Not to toot my own horn, but I finished ‘Not That Kind of Girl’ in one day. I think the last book I finished in one day was ‘Green Eggs and Ham,’ if that’s telling you anything. In a fit of optimism, I grabbed ‘Wild’ before boarding my final flight and I’m hoping to crack it open tonight. I’ve heard nothing but good things so here’s hoping my streak of two thumbs up ratings gets to continue! What should be next on my reading list? I’m sure Alex has some recommendations for me!

1 :: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
2 :: Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham
3 :: Wild by Cheryl Strayed
4 :: What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty

Anthro Find

January 7, 2015

ebb + flow :: Anthropologie letters

Things I am long overdue for: an eye doctor appointment and a trip to Anthropologie. While one of these should be a higher priority than the other, I have a feeling the trip to Anthro will be happening first, especially with my bestie coming to town this weekend. And if I needed any more convincing to stop in, Joy posted this photo and my heart about burst. See you Saturday, Anthropologie. Save me an ‘&’ if you can.

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January 6, 2015

ebb + flow :: 2015 mantra

Looking back on this here blog, it seems I make the same vague resolutions every year… be present, say no, slow down, etc. While all valid points, I’m going with the big picture mantra this year. Thanks for the inspiration, Mr. Mandela. I’m taking my cue from you.

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January 5, 2015

ebb + flow :: holiday travel

Are you ready to punch me in the face for what I’m about to say? Brace yourself because it’s obnoxious and dramatic. Sorry. You have been warned.

Traveling for eleven days over Christmas and New Year’s is no joke and I am tired. Tired from lounging in the sun, catching up with amazing friends, playing Pickleball with cousins, feeding the cutest babies in the world, swimming in beautiful salt water and para-sailing above the Gulf? Yes. You can punch me now. But before you do, can I have one more day to catch up? Because if you don’t the Red Head and I are going to be eating dry cereal and water for dinner, wearing dirty clothes all week, living in filth and staring at each other in a confused state. 24 more hours and then I’m yours. Thanks, friends!

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Signing Off

December 24, 2014

ebb + flow :: signing off for the holidays

Christmastime has arrived. Prepared or not, the big day is tomorrow. I’m signing off for the next couple weeks to enjoy time with friends, family and hopefully a few fun adventures in between. I wish you nothing but the same and a joyous 2015. I’ll see you then!

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Packing Woes

December 23, 2014

ebb + flow :: packing woes

If you were looking for me last night between the hours of 11:30 p.m. and 12:30 a.m. you could have found me and the Red Head throwing random clothes, shoes, electronics and Christmas gifts into our suitcases while scratching our heads. I don’t advise packing this way for ten days of travel to two different climates and various family events. To say we were frazzled would be an understatement. I, in particular, kept throwing clothes on the floor and just staring at them. Again, I do not advise this method but, somehow, a full suitcase made it into the truck this morning. Here’s hoping I don’t end up on the worst dressed list for the next ten days. Had I had my wits about me, maybe I could have summoned the outfit gods and pieced together an outfit like the one above? Maybe next time…

1 :: Plaid Car Coat from GAP
2 :: Boyfriend Jeans from J.Crew
3 :: Classic Button-Down from J.Crew
4 :: Colby Leather Wallet from Michael Kors
5 :: Freya from Totokaelo
6 :: Spike Studs from BaubleBar

Weekend Wrap Up 12.21

December 21, 2014

ebb + flow :: weekend wrap up

Well, the week before Christmas officially kicked my butt. Busy days at work, jam-packed evenings, early mornings, countless errands and oh-so many cookies. A highlight among the chaos, though, had to be the first annual limo lights tour with my friends. We rented a bus, loaded it with great people and toured the best of Twin Cities’ holiday lights. Though the headache is just starting to fade, I’m already looking forward to next year! While I attempt to hydrate and prepare for holiday travels ahead, enjoy these links from around the web.

Here and There

December 16, 2014

ebb + flow :: today

Welp, the cookies were pretty delightful. An inside source (the Red Head), recommends eating them warm, but isn’t any cookie better that way? I also suggest adding a glass of milk. So refreshing. In other news, we awoke to a fresh coat of snow this morning so things are really getting in the Christmas spirit around here. I’ve got a spin class (complete with holiday tunes), ugly sweater book club and a Target trip in my future tonight so the holiday buzz is undeniable. Hope you’re feeling the excitement in your neck of the woods as well!

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