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February 22, 2012

Somehow in my furniture purchasing and collecting adventures I have ended up with more surfaces than chairs to accompany them. I’ve got a table that needs four friends to gather around it and a desk the seats two. That leaves me in need of six chairs.  I’ve bopped around looking at some furniture retailers that are reasonably priced (West Elm, CB2, IKEA, Overstock) but am having a hard time committing. Thanks to sfgirlbybay, I think I’ve found my solution: mismatch. Perfect since I can’t seem to make up my mind and it will give me new purpose on my continued furniture adventures. But note to self: no more tables or desks for awhile. At least until I find chairs, benches or stools for the ones I already have.

Source: convoy via sfgirlbybay


Meet Ralphie

February 8, 2012

The Red Head and I found a friend at Goodwill this weekend. A little, gold, goose friend that we named Ralphie. I was leaning towards the name Jeremy, for some reason, but Ralphie prevailed. We also snagged this kitchen display dessert stand thing, that’s the official name. It’s not very tall so perhaps it will be re-purposed for something more like this? Or will receive a paint job to be bast to match my bell jar? We’ll see. Either way, we’re glad these $4 finds made their way home with us. They weren’t the big DIY project I was hoping for, but they’re a start.

Source: I’m trying to use Instagram more, we’ll see how that goes…

Til Tomorrow

February 7, 2012

Tonight just magically went from calm to crowded so I’m leaving you hanging with a sneak peek at one of my Goodwill finds from this weekend. The trip was fruitful in the trinket department and included a pit stop for a $5 footlong Subway sandwich, so that’s a win in my book. I’m sure you’re on the edge of the seat to see the rest of the figure, but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow. Sorry, friends.

And for those of you on nephew watch (probably just me and my family), the little guy has yet to make an appearance! It’s driving me crazy and has led to a lot of groaning when my phone rings and I don’t see my brother’s name on the screen. My apologies to everyone who has called and received an exasperated ‘UGH.’ It wasn’t entirely directed at you.

Source: super top secret Goodwill find

Back from Sandwich

May 23, 2011

I’m kicking myself right now. In an attempt to avoid the torrential downpours last night I dragged my Sandwich Antiques Market desk purchase inside before snapping pictures out of doors with oodles of natural light. So what you get now are some semi-blurry, kind of janky indoor pictures but I think you can grasp the overall concept. Long-winded disclaimer aside, I love this new piece. It’s lightweight, but sturdy, contains a wee bit of storage, has the best white porcelain top and a paint job that I can easily change. At first I had no plans to alter the yellow remnants but the more I look at it, the more I think more uniform will work a bit better in future spaces. Plus, I still have to match a chair to this guy so choosing a stain I like and a chair that can easily be finished to match sounds like a great plan.

I also snagged some shoe forms to use as hooks in the future. Hanging them could be tricky, but that’s what red head engineer boyfriends are for…

Source: my own

Banana Strudel

May 18, 2011

I posted a link to the Banana Strudel etsy shop on the faucethead creative facebook page yesterday but I think it’s worthy of a post here as well. Being a fan of vintage maps, globes and signs I was beyond excited when I saw this post from Erin about Banana Strudel’s extensive collection. And I mean extensive, almost 3,000 items and over 5,000 sales! I did a quick search for ‘beetles’ within their shop and these two guys above caught my eye. You can claim them as your own here and here. Happy shopping!

Source: Banana Strudel

AM Radio

May 4, 2011

I picked up a beautiful vintage chair this past weekend while at a garage sale and I am so excited about it (Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to  photograph it and share with you guys ASAP). The fabric isn’t to my liking but it’s in great shape and is actually quite comfortable. So I’ve been looking into some local reupholster places. I got my first estimate today and it came in at $800. Eeek, not what I had in mind. So I’m off to check out some other upholstery resources to see if I can get a better deal. While I do that you should take a gander at the treasures in the etsy shop AM Radio. They all appear to be under $800 so that’s a good start!

Source: AM Radio

Vintage Globe

March 21, 2011

The perfect black vintage globe from POST 27. I picked up a netural-colored globe a few weeks back but now I’m thinking it might need a friend. Just another reason for me to finally drag my butt to Grand Avenue to see all the goodies hiding at POST 27 in person.

Source: POST 27