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Nose in a book.

January 5, 2022

Perhaps it’s the energy of the New Year or the fact that I sleep much better when I’m not doomsday scrolling on my phone before bed but I’ve been tearing through books lately. I finished Verity (holy smokes!) in just over a day, The Heart’s Invisible Furies (wow!), and started The Giver of Stars (finally!) last night. Hoping 2022 brings more and more books into my life. I need them.

Change something.

November 15, 2021

Source :: Bridge & Burn

Our return to office is approaching… that means the return of my (10+ year old, purple, bedazzled) flat iron is also approaching. I’ve been wearing my hair tied back in a low bun for longer than I can remember. Blame kids. Blame time management. Blame the half-curl, half-frizz combo I’ve inherited but this mop isn’t doing me any favors these days. Perhaps I need to give a beautiful, simple hair pin a try. Adding to my Christmas list.

Doing it.

October 20, 2021

Source :: my own

Somehow I blinked and it had been five weeks since I last visited this little slice of the interweb. Thankfully, that time away has been a sign of all good things off-screen. Things that included a very fun and complete (!!) summer bucket list, a trip to Chicago to cheer on my sister during her second marathon (incredible!), photos of our growing family, a quick trip to Iowa, and lots of Fall prep. This coming weekend is the first weekend in quite some time we’ll all be home and staring at a wide open calendar. Hoping to work on Halloween costumes, make some pumpkin bread, and… sit. What a concept: sitting. Hope you have some sitting on the agenda this weekend too!


August 6, 2021

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Traveling with three kids under the age of four should be an Olympic sport. At least, packing for three kids under the age of four should be! After many days (weeks?) of planning, prepping, packing and only mild panic, we made it up to Door County last week for the annual Braun getaway. Four days of staying up too late, drinking too much wine, eating too much cheese and hanging with so much family we hadn’t seen in a long time was worth all the stress. Here’s hoping that next year the girls decide the water isn’t ‘too cold’ to enjoy!

Together again.

June 9, 2021

We did it! The Red Head left for Fort Jackson Basic Training November 3, crushed Officer Candidate School at Fort Benning and is now back home in Minnesota as of May 28.

What. A. Journey.

This photo, taken a couple weeks ago already, is my current favorite. Is a 24×36 for above the fireplace too much, ha! Welcome home, Red.