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Two for Tuesday 9.6

September 6, 2011

Yesterday marked the end of the Minnesota State Fair, also known as the Great Minnesota Get-Together. It was 12 days of food, rides, games, more food and tons of expos. On Sunday I gathered up some friends, some locals and some out-of-towners, to help me with my first visit to a State Fair. We muscled through the seas of people, enjoyed the most refreshing Fall weather and ate like it was our last day on Earth. Between the six of us we downed a gyro, mini donuts, a pronto pup, Australian battered potatoes, a turkey leg, a turkey sandwich, French fries, a bucket of cookies, all you can drink milk (chocolate and white), a root beer float, a salted nut roll, a container of fried cheese curds, fried cookie dough and a funnel cake. How we managed to walk out of that Fair I will never know. My personal favorite among that disgusting impressive list was the Australian battered potatoes. They are similar to deep fried potato pancakes but have this delicious crispy outer shell. And to make it even better you choose your topping of ranch or cheese sauce. Being indecisive, I went for a mixture of both sauces and was not disappointed. Next year that will be my first stop. Already counting down the days….

Source: snapped on my phone with the Instagram app

Two for Tuesday 8.2

August 2, 2011

Could you handle all the personality happening in this Dallas home? It’s worth more than two photos, but we’re sticking to the ‘Two for Tuesday’ rules for once. While it’s a lot to take in at first glance, something about this home just works. Though I could see myself snagging a sweater or two on the mask-adorned walls. Just me?

Source: Simple Lovely

Two for Tuesday 7.19

July 19, 2011

Two ocean images for your Tuesday and a special request…
If you have a spare moment could you send some good vibes, happy prayers and thoughts to my dear family friends. I’ll skip the details in respect of their privacy but any well wishes are appreciated. Thanks, blogland community. You truly are the best.

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Two for Tuesday: Glass Blowing

July 12, 2011

Here are a couple snap shots from my glass blowing adventure this weekend. I’m the one in the dashing over-sized red shirt and my sweet-as-can-be friend Stephanie is rocking the glass in the second photo. If you have a free afternoon, preferably around a time of year when it’s not scorching hot, I highly recommend heading on over to Prodigy Glassworks and taking a course. Our instructor was incredibly patient and helpful. Since this was our first class we just made paper weights but once you’ve completed that course you move onto the more advanced blown pieces. I wish I was sticking around Chicago a bit longer so I could enroll in more. So much fun and you get something pretty to take home. Can’t beat that!

Source: my own

Two for Tuesday 6.28

June 28, 2011

What a beautiful Summer afternoon. Clear skies and the perfect temperature. Let’s hope it sticks around for the rest of the week and over the holiday weekend. As I’m preparing for my camping trip on Friday I’ve had all things nature on my mind. So for today’s Two for Tuesday I bring you two two all-natural items. Aren’t they lovely?

Source: Oji & Design and Unusual Young

Two Things

June 22, 2011

I forgot to do a Two for Tuesday post again this week. Welp, better late than never, I suppose. Especially if the two things I’m bringing you today are totally drool-worthy. First up, this chocolate caramel pretzel cupcake. The perfect combination of salty and sweet. And second, this to-die-for deep dish cookie. How incredible. I think these both need a place in my life.

Source: Cupcakes Take The Cake and A Cup of Jo

Two for Tuesday 6.14

June 14, 2011

The collection above is proof that there are too many lovely things available at the Brook Farm General Store to even begin to narrow the list down to two items to share today. So instead you get this screen capture to entice you to visit the shop and pick two items yourself. I was originally led there on a hunt to find these containers I pinned the other day (from here). I had no luck finding the bins so if you have any ideas, pass them along. Until then I’ll get lost in the virtual shelves of the Brook Farm General Store. You should join me.

Source: Brook Farm General Store