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Wedding Remix

April 12, 2016

ebb + flow :: wedding outfit

I think I’ve mentioned it about fifty times here, but I’ve got a TON of weddings this year. I’m relying on a few staple dresses to carry me through but am looking for some new ways to jazz it up a bit so I’m not looking like a clone of myself in every photo. Enter: bright accessories. I think these will do the trick!

1 :: Roland from Warby Parker (new for summer!)
2 :: Presentation Dress from J.Crew
3 :: Cedar Street Harmony Bag from kate spade new york
4 :: What’s the Scoop Bangle from kate spade new york
5 :: Holland Heeled Sandal from Banana Republic

Sit Down and Write

February 3, 2016

ebb + flow :: thoreau

For the last few years I’ve been lucky enough to grab sneak peeks into the works of Princeton Architectural Press and whenever a package from them arrives at my door I tear it open instantly! I imagine my friends and family have started to do the same when they see a letter from me (hopefully) because, more often than not, my sloppy handwriting is scrolled on a piece of Princeton Architectural Press’s stationery. The Thoreau set above (available March 1, pre-order here) arrived amongst the snow this week and has been the perfect excuse to sit down, clean up that handwriting and throw a little bit of love and beautifully-design paper into the world. Good work, PA Press, good work.

Source :: @elissa_erickson

Christmas Cards & Calendar by Pinhole Press

December 2, 2013

ebb & flow :: pinhole press calendar

If you follow my adventures on Instagram, you may have noticed some sneak peeks of our holiday cards and Pinhole Press projects the last couple weeks. Having ordered numerous calendars as gifts from Pinhole Press in the past, I was so excited when they reached out to me about making holiday cards this year. Of course, I was happy to accept and so excited to have beautiful well-made cards to send to family and friends across the country.

ebb & flow :: pinhole press christmas cards

Having never sent holiday cards before, I was a bit overwhelmed at the idea, but Pinhole Press made it so simple and fun! And a perfect fit for our first year as a family. Of course, we had beautiful photos from our favorite guy, Brandon Werth, to help complete the process.

ebb & flow :: pinhole press christmas cards

Of all the cards (there are so many GREAT options!), the Swiss Dot Holiday Photo Card rose to the top of our list. We placed the order and they arrived within the week, so I have no excuses for not sending these on time this year!

ebb & flow :: pinhole press christmas cards

Can you tell we love our pup? Who wants a card of our face when you can stare at that mug instead?

ebb & flow :: pinhole press calendar

To top it all of, I also made a desk calendar (to be used in the never-ending office remodel) for 2014 featuring some favorite photos from Instagram. I was a bit nervous about the Instagram pictures being poor resolution, but they printed beautifully and I can’t wait to relive the memories throughout 2014.

Before the holidays sneak up, be sure to place your order with Pinhole Press, you will not be disappointed, I promise.

Source: Family photos by Brandon Werth

Rodeo Friday

July 26, 2013

ebb & flow :: rodeo

You’ll never guess where I’m going tonight…
A country fair rodeo! Somehow the Red Head’s friends got it in their heads that ‘amateur bull riding night’ was something they wanted to be a part of. So I’m going for moral support and will try and grab a few pictures along the way. I’m sure the people watching is going to be top notch. Hope you have an eventful couple of days and I catch you here on Sunday for the wrap up and a rodeo recap. Until then.

Source: Trek Earth

Small Changes

July 23, 2013

ebb & flow ::

Having engagement pictures taken at our home was a HUGE motivation to get stuff done last year. We painted just about every surface on the first floor within four months of moving in, stripped floors, hung wallpaper, refinished the fireplace, picked out furniture, the list goes on and on. And since then, well, things have just stopped. We’ve become fully immersed in wedding planning, traveling and adjusting to life together. So while the transformations these days aren’t as major we’re taking pride in the little updates we can squeeze in here and there. Lighting has been an ongoing issue in our home, especially in the evening. Have you ever tried to read a book or mag with the light source clear across the house? Not fun. We’ve inherited some lamps from family and some fixtures from the previous owners but none of them are really “us.” So I was pumped when reached out to me and offered to send the Adesso Spot Light Table Lamp our way. I swapped it for this lamp from my mom’s house and I love the simple change. The lamp was assembled in about three seconds flat as was being put to use in no time. I think it’s the perfect addition to our little home.

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September 19, 2012

I’ve been on the hunt for some new glasses for ages now, so when the fine folks at Firmoo reached out to me a couple weeks ago, the timing could not have been better. I browsed their site, admired the beautiful frames, gawked at the low prices and ordered my new specs right away. The best part was that as a new customer the first pair I ordered was completely free. In the words of Borat, great success! In keeping with the painless ordering process, my glasses arrived just a few days later. Here they are in all their glory.

I’ve only spent a few days with these gems but I give them two very enthusiastic thumbs up (name that movie). They arrived with a sturdy case, a cleaning cloth and a soft carrying case, which are a definite must for me. I’m already plotting to get another pair in black soon, perhaps these? I could end this post with a giveaway, but really everyone can win. Just head on over to Firmoo and order your free glasses. Your eyes will thank you! And now, a rare appearance by my face. This is what it looks like at 6 in the morning with some new specs. You’re welcome.

Source: Bathwater, The Sartorialist, World of Fashion and my own

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