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May 30, 2014

ebb + flow :: everyday i'm hustlin'

This week has been a hustle. As much as I enjoyed Monday away from the office, the four day work weeks still manage to pack a lot of punch, amiright? So I am looking forward to a weekend of celebrating the people in my life and unwinding a bit alongside them. This weekend we’ve got the Red Head’s birthday (!!), a stock-the-bar party for friends, some family time on Sunday and hopefully a trip to The Malt Shop to finish the weekend. We are way overdue for a chocolate malt (which is totally justified by walking the three blocks to get there… maybe.) and perhaps a cone for me. Whatever you’ve got planned for the next two days, I hope it’s great. Check back on Sunday and have a wonderful weekend, friends! Until then, I’ll be dreaming of cookies and cream in a waffle cone…

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Life Lately

March 31, 2014

I realized it’s been a few months since I last did a life lately post. It comes as no surprise that, like all the years before it, 2014 is flying by. I’m trying to wrap my head around the fact that tomorrow kicks off April. Make time slow down! Make the snow stop! Give me more hours in a day! Simple requests, really. Maybe perusing photos from the previous weeks will help slow time down. Here goes nothing…

ebb & flow :: life lately

1 :: Years ago my sister brought me these awesome knobs from Budapest. I finally found the perfect little spot in our office for them and love catching them out of the corner of my eye.

2 :: The Drake monster has been on a rampage lately. I’ll spare you all the details but that fact that he’s still in this photo and isn’t destroying an item in my home in a miracle. Small victories.

3 :: Pretty crazy about this MN print from Forage Modern Workshop. It has landed in our hallway for now, but I still need to find its forever home.

4 :: This weekend we helped some friends move and we spent the hours after the heavy lifting watching the sun set from their barn while drinking beer and sitting in a truck bed. I’ve never felt more country in my life.

5 :: The floors in FireLake Grill get me every time. And the bacon, too. The bacon is real good.

6 :: We recently got a new-to-us computer. After years of using the same laptop I got as a sophomore in college, this machine is a Godsend. I won’t miss the awkward grr-ing and overheated lap much.

7 :: See you this weekend, Shosh!

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Weekend Away :: San Francisco

February 20, 2014

Last Friday, the Red Head and I caught a flight after work and headed to San Francisco for the weekend! The weather was great, the company was even better and we had an absolute blast! I seriously couldn’t have had a better three days. I can’t wait to go back one day. Maybe this weekend when the cold weather and snow return? Might have to make that happen. While all the memories are fresh, I just had to share some snaps from our trip. As always, follow along @elissa_erickson for real time updates.

ebb & flow :: visits san francisco

Seeing green leaves and flowers was so nice. At one point, we just lounged in the grass. We haven’t seen ours in months and needed a fix.

ebb & flow :: visits san francisco

Somewhere between the Horchata ice cream and the fresh oysters, I lost track of the stops we made at the Ferry Building. So delicious and beautiful. And busy.

ebb & flow :: visits san francisco

NOPA was a great brunch spot. The cheddar biscuits… to good. And, of course, you can never go wrong with a blood orange mimosa. Thanks for the recommendation, Jessica!

ebb & flow :: visits san francisco

The spoils of the Ferry Building Marketplace. Saving the Mast Brothers chocolate for a rainy and loving my Heath Ceramics bud vase.

ebb & flow :: visits san francisco

On Sunday, we visited Napa. Our first stop was Castello di Amoroso. Not too shabby for a $50 million castle. And the wine was delicious too, of course.

ebb & flow :: visits san francisco

My favorite tasting of the day was at Orin Swift. The people were so friendly, the decor was totally my vibe and the wine was on point.

ebb & flow :: visits san francisco

Wine, wine and more wine!

ebb & flow :: visits san francisco

I could have stared at the trees all day. I swear, most of my time this weekend was spent gazing at green leaves and blue skies. A welcome break from the Minnesota landscape of late.

ebb & flow :: visits san francisco

See what I mean? Way better than two feet of snow.

ebb & flow :: visits san francisco

I have the best friends.

ebb & flow :: visits san francisco

We visited Palace of the Fine Arts Theatre on our way out of town and am so glad we did. Such a beauty.

ebb & flow :: visits san francisco

Of course we needed a Golden Gate Bridge photo! Thanks for having us, San Francisco. We’ll be back one day (soon, I hope)!

A Weekend to be Thankful

November 22, 2013

ebb & flow :: weekend

Working in retail is… interesting around this time of year. And by ‘interesting’ I mean chaotic, stressful, draining, Diet Coke-fueled, exciting and exhausting all at the same time. So that leaves me feeling like a puddle by the end of the week. Thankfully I’ve got a weekend of fun to perk me back up! Tonight I’m catching a screening of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and tomorrow we’re attending Friendsgiving (what I’m hoping will become a new tradition!) with a gaggle of friends here. It’s sure to be a good time and I’m already looking forward to the turkey and stuffing. I’ll be sure to share the recipes I whip up for the big event. Whatever you’re up to this weekend I hope it’s a blast. Catch you on Sunday!

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Mrs. Erickson

September 30, 2013

ebb & flow :: mrs. erickson

Hey all, it’s me, Mrs. Erickson! I’m back after a week of radio silence that was spent getting hitched, honeymooning and then, to top it all off, adopting a puppy! Chaos, at this point, might as well be my middle name, but we’re surviving and still riding the high of a perfect wedding. It was not without a few small blunders, of course, but at the end of the day we could not have been happier. I’ll share more details about the main event and the honeymoon in the weeks ahead but, for now, the little pup is hogging all our spare attention. He keeps us on our toes and I’ve got the bite marks and under eye circles to prove it! Wish us luck as we head into night three with the little guy. The whining gets better, right?

ebb & flow :: drake

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Girls Weekend

August 16, 2013

ebb & flow :: girls weekend

Another Friday has (finally!) arrived. Do you have big plans this weekend? The Red Head and his friends are in Vegas to celebrate his final days of single living so I’m holding down the fort while he’s up to trouble. I’m just hoping our bank account survives the trip, that’s the only thing that makes me nervous. While he’s gone, the group of gals the guys left behind are hitting the town. Who knows what the night will entail, but I’m excited. I’ll report back on Monday. Hope you have a good one!

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Life Lately

August 13, 2013

It’s time for another photo dump, compliments of good ol’ Instagram (follow along in real time here). It’s fun to see what the last month or so has held. Not surprisingly, it held a BUNCH of wedding prep.

ebb & flow :: elissabraun on Instagram

Breaking in the bag sets we made for the cocktail hour at our wedding. There was a wager on this game and I came up short so I had to buy the Red Head a malt from The Malt Shop. Grr, I’m determined to win next time! Also, how many types of fence can one backyard have. It would seem we’re trying them all!

ebb & flow :: elissabraun on Instagram

One of my favorite looks from our back to school photo shoot, more details and images coming soon!

ebb & flow :: elissabraun on Instagram

I ordered succulents for our wedding and they arrived in two days… they were supposed to take five weeks to ship. So, gardeners, any tips for keeping these alive are welcome.

ebb & flow :: elissabraun on Instagram

Something blue for 9.21.13.

ebb & flow :: elissabraun on Instagram

Adventures in parts of Minneapolis.

ebb & flow :: elissabraun on Instagram

The Pedal Pub over the weekend was so fun. And definitely required dorky glasses.

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Rodeo Friday

July 26, 2013

ebb & flow :: rodeo

You’ll never guess where I’m going tonight…
A country fair rodeo! Somehow the Red Head’s friends got it in their heads that ‘amateur bull riding night’ was something they wanted to be a part of. So I’m going for moral support and will try and grab a few pictures along the way. I’m sure the people watching is going to be top notch. Hope you have an eventful couple of days and I catch you here on Sunday for the wrap up and a rodeo recap. Until then.

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