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Holiday Favors

November 14, 2011

I had tons of time by myself in the car this weekend and I spent the majority of it planning for the holidays. I even happened upon a radio station playing Christmas music and may have listened to it for far too long singing at the top of my lungs. Maybe.

Anyway I thought of it all: gift ideas, holiday parties, wardrobes, travel plans, Christmas albums, cookie recipes, you name it. One thing I got to pondering was an alternative to Christmas cookies. How cute would it be to get a package in a glass jar like the ones above? Those contain beeswax salve for wood utensils (not exactly a holiday classic) but the packaging leaves tons of room for creative expression, don’t you think? It has got my wheels turning.

Funny story speaking of Christmas and packaging… In our family I’m usually the designated gift wrapper. My mom let my brother wrap presents one year and he got them all mixed up and ended up giving my uncle a pink, fuzzy robe that was intended for our little cousin. We haven’t let him live it down yet. Oh, Eric…

Source: Herriott Grace spotted on oh, hello friend

Olive Manna

October 27, 2010

At all times I have a trusty running list of things I want. Selfish? Yes, but it comes in handy around Christmas and birthdays. Since my birthday in September the list has been pretty tame, but it just quadrupled in size because I want one of everything at Olive Manna. Plus most of their goods are packaging related so if you buy me something from here (cough cough, friends and family) I’ll most likely return the favor with a beautifully wrapped gift. See? Not so selfish after all.

Source: papernstitch

Wrap it Up Pretty

July 16, 2010

I have found that some of the best design inspiration comes from wine labels. These beautifully wrapped labels from Fygein Adynaton are topping my list of design favorites. Here’s what makes it so unique. You know that one drop of wine that gets away when you pour a glass? These labels use that drop to tell your fortune as it trails along the side of the bottle. Wherever the drop ends, your future will be told. Such an engaging way to serve your wine.

Source: NOTCOT


May 25, 2010

The colors on this organic honey packaging are so perfect, aren’t they? I am a huge fan of packaging design that’s more subtle in it’s connection to the actual product, so those stripes are right up my alley. You get the point, but it’s not thrown in your face. On top of all that, the logo is so playful and fun.

Source: The Dieline

Packaging Heaven

April 8, 2010

graphic exchange packaging

OK, there are a ton of images above, but I just had to post them all. Graphic-Exchange finds the BEST stuff and their packaging section really blows my mind. Between the apothecary jars, the beautiful labels, the tiny details…I love it all.