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Academy Awards Production Design

February 25, 2015

ebb + flow :: oscar nominees ebb + flow :: oscar nominees ebb + flow :: oscar nominees

I didn’t watch a minute of the Oscars live and even failed to record them so I’ve relied heavily on my sister’s recap and Buzzfeed for my fix this year. I thought I had gotten most of the details from the show and then I happened upon this post from Davee. How beautiful are those lay-downs for the Best Production Design nominees? Two thumbs up and an Oscar for the creatives behind them!

Source :: Davee Secrets

Girl Walk // All Day

November 29, 2011

With rave reviews from Tina at Swiss Miss and the New York Times, the film Girl Walk // All Day has me very curious. If nothing else it’s an excuse to listen to the Girl Talk album on repeat and I’m always good with that. And I couldn’t agree more with this quote from The Times: “It has nothing in common with the pleasure of watching an amazing ballet dancer. It’s more like watching a chameleon on fast forward. She’s playing with her body movement the way a rapper might play with words.”

Source: spotted on Swiss Miss