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Friday Time

August 18, 2017

ebb + flow :: friday time

I’m feeling oh-so ready for this weekend. We’ve got some odds and ends of the agenda, family in town and two days out of the office. Let’s make the best of them, shall we?



August 15, 2017

ebb + flow :: tuesday

Maybe it’s the state of our nation, the little sleep I got last night or the dog wound up so tight that I want to slip him a Xanax, but it’s been a long week already.

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Island Time

July 31, 2017

ebb + flow :: island

Today after work I took my first spin class in far too long and, to reward myself, I’m eating string cheese and looking at photos from our getaway last week. Also, this post now makes the third post in a row where I’ve mentioned cheese. Lucky for you I’m down to my last piece so I’ll stop mentioning it soon (maybe).

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Pile o’Books

July 10, 2017

ebb + flow :: pile o books

On the way home from work today I made a pit stop at the library and stocked up on books for upcoming travels. I’ve got this one, this one and this one all waiting for their vacation debut! Until then, we just need to pack, clean, wrap up a busy week at work, find someone to wrangle our dog while we’re gone and take some deep breaths. Easier said than done!

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