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Turtleneck Bob

February 16, 2015

ebb + flow :: turtleneck bob

As another blustery, snowy, winter Minnesota day winds down, one thing is clear: I have embraced the turtleneck bob. Or as it also often appears, the scarf bob. Here’s to hopefully only a few more weeks that call for this messy, comfy look!

Source :: Fashion Gone Rogue

Wedding Favorite :: Ahndea May

October 10, 2013

ebb & flow :: wedding favorite ahndea may

For our wedding I may have gone a little overboard on details at times, but one of my favorite details happened by fate. That item was a custom hairpiece made by Ahndea May. I met with her about six months before our wedding after winning a giveaway through our wedding coordinator and was, right away, in love with her work and energy. She took a mismatch of jewelry from my mom’s jewelry box and created a hairpiece that I can’t wait to lend to my sister on her wedding day and display among my pretties for years to come. Thanks, Ahndea. I’m already looking for an excuse to work with you again.

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Rainy Weekend Ahead

October 4, 2013

ebb & flow :: rainy weekend

Looks like Minnesotans are buckling down for three solid days of rain ahead so that means we’ll be outside in wellies and a parka as we still master the art of house training the pup.  Other than that excitement we’ve got a few dinner plans, a hair cut (goodbye long locks!) and hopefully some quiet time at home on the agenda for the weekend. Rainy days are good for fires and baking so maybe we’ll work those into the mix as well. Whatever you’re up to this weekend I hope you enjoy. See you on Sunday for the wrap up!

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Reporting Back

March 14, 2012

On Monday night after this post, I gave this surf spray recipe a try and had to report back: success! Those are my beachy waves above, scooped into a high ponytail. I stuck to the recipe for the most part, but opted to use an oil-based leave-in conditioner instead of plain coconut oil and used Smirnoff as my alcohol component because I like to pretend I’m still in college. Some things never change… I’m hoping to try the homemade concoction again soon, next time incorporating some loose braids while my hair is still wet. I think that should work out quite well. That’s $25 dollars still in my pocket by avoiding this purchase from Sephora!

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