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September 4, 2018

ebb + flow :: camping

It’s still a couple weeks away but after an especially crazy August I am counting down the days to my annual girls’ camping trip! We’re remixing it this year (because #twins) but some of the tried and true traditions will be in there: a squirrel mask, onion dip, boxed wine, giant marshmallows and some of the best ladies on the planet. I’m so pumped!

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So Many Showers

March 20, 2018

ebb + flow :: so many showers

The last two weekends, the Red Head, babies and I have been completely blown away by the generosity of the people in our lives. There was a shower in MN with friends and family from across the country, a Beyonce-themed shower with friends that have become like family and a shower in Chicago (photos above) that brought together people from all stages of my life. It was really humbling to be surrounded by these people and feel the love and excitement as we prepare for this big (!!) adventure ahead. I’m not sure how we got so lucky but I can’t wait for the Erickson Twins to meet each and every one of these amazing characters. But not for many more weeks, please…

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Chicago Shower

March 16, 2018

ebb + flow :: chicago shower

I’m packing up, grabbing the big grey dog and heading to Chicago this weekend for a shower with my hometown friends and family. I am so, so excited to see everyone and hopefully they’re not too bummed to miss out on green beer…

Catch you next week!

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Cookie Night

March 14, 2018

ebb + flow :: cookie night

Last Friday was spent alongside a dear friend of mine meal prepping the night away! It. Was. Awesome. And one of the many goodies I was sent home with was a big bag of pre-made cookie dough scooped into perfect cookie portions (I may have eaten a couple raw on the way home…oops!). After yesterday’s funk I think tonight calls for busting a few of those out for a proper baking and glass of milk.

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The Showers Begin

March 9, 2018

ebb + flow :: the showers begin

One thing is certain: our house is not ready for two babies to arrive. BUT, we’re doing our best and after the next couple weekends of baby showers I’m sure we’ll feel a lot more prepared, potentially a bit overwhelmed and definitely perplexed as to how two small humans can require so much stuff. If I had to guess, I think we’ll also be feeling insanely lucky and loved. I’ve got two showers this weekend and another next weekend so the fun is just getting started! See you on the other side, friends.

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Wedding Weekend Out West

January 30, 2018

ebb + flow :: wedding weekend out west

I mentioned it yesterday but I snuck out to San Francisco this past weekend for a few days to celebrate the wedding of a dear, dear friend. There were donuts, sunshine (so long, snow!), so many laughs, more donuts, maybe some ice cream, a self-guided tour of Stanford’s campus and a beautiful wedding to top it all off. For perhaps one of my last adventures before the babies arrive, I give it two thumbs up!

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Getting Fancy

January 22, 2018

ebb + flow :: getting fancy

This upcoming weekend I’ve got a wedding in San Francisco! This special occasion (that I’m so pumped about!) calls for a decent outfit. Tonight’s mission: find said decent outfit for this growing bump. Wish me luck!

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December 1, 2017

ebb + flow :: thank you

While it’s already, somehow, been a week since Thanksgiving the celebrations aren’t over for us quite yet. I’m whipping up another pumpkin pie, making the best cookies and we’re heading to our annual Friendsgiving tomorrow. If history is any indication, it’s going to be quite the feast. Hope you have a weekend filled with good friends and food as well. Catch you Sunday!

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For I, For S, For U

October 13, 2017

ebb + flow :: ISU

Tomorrow, very early in the morning, the Red Head and I are heading back to where it all began: Iowa State University! We’re catching a football game with some college pals, reminiscing about the good ol’ days and probably drinking and eating way too much tailgate goodness. To say I’m pumped wouldn’t do this justice. Here’s hoping we don’t freeze, we manage a decent football game and everyone makes it out alive (we’re not 21 anymore…). Catch you Sunday (maybe?)!

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Wedding Weekend

September 29, 2017

ebb + flow :: wedding weekend

Signing off, hitting the road and celebrating the wedding of a dear friend this weekend. Wish me comfy shoes, stamina for dancing late into the night and lots of good podcasts for the road trip there. Catch you next week!

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