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May 2, 2016

ebb + flow :: NOLA eats

Last week, between a conference, long walks and some serious rain there were a TON of good eats to be had. Seriously, A TON. It was so gluttonous, so good and now I need to go work out. But, before I do, let’s relive some of the tastes of New Orleans.

Top left :: Mother’s Restaurant
This place runs like a well-oiled machine. A go-to spot for their famous baked ham, but I opted for the Ferdi Special.

Top center and right, middle right, bottom left :: Coquette
We stopped in on Tuesday and were surprised by ‘no menu Tuesday’ so our dinner became a five-course tasting menu feast, complete with wine pairing! The butternut squash gnocchi was my favorite but so much goodness course after course.

Middle left :: Peche Seafood Grill
Get the Louisiana Shrimp Roll and the Brussels Sprouts. Now!

Middle center :: The Royal House
Go with the ‘Taste of New Orleans’ for lunch. A sampling of jambalaya, gumbo and crawfish etouffee. The crawfish was easily my favorite! 

Bottom center :: Oceana Grill
A hearty meal was needed after a hearty Hurricane cocktail from Pat O’Brien’s and this place did the trick.

Bottom right :: Cafe Du Monde
Beignets. All day. Every day.

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Life Lately

February 22, 2016

ebb + flow :: life lately

The fact that the end of February is nearing has me in a tizzy. So much to do, so little time but we all know how that goes. I realized I hadn’t done a life dump (a la Instagram snaps) lately so I give you some recent scenes from my adventures and a little background on each:

Source :: @elissa_erickson

Book Club Brunch

February 12, 2016

ebb + flow :: skinnytaste egg bake

I’m a serious meal planner so when I was looking ahead to next week and the book club brunch I’m hosting the wheels started turning. Thankfully the Pinterest gods brought this recipe to my attention and the wheels didn’t have to search for too long! I’ll report back on how it turns out but I have a feeling this feta spinach artichoke egg bake is going to be a new fave! I might just have to try it this weekend to be sure. Have a good one, friends!

Source :: Skinnytaste

Pizza Class!

January 29, 2016

ebb + flow :: pizza class

For Christmas this year, we gifted the Red Head’s dad and step-mom a Friday night spent alongside the Erickson kids making pizza! The class syllabus looks is pretty intense (three types of pizza?!) and I couldn’t be more excited. Bring on the deep dish, the goat cheese, the accompanying glass of wine and a Friday night with family. It’s been a long week and I’m hoping the mozzarella helps take the edge off. Ha! Have a great weekend, friends!

Source :: Happyolks