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The List

November 17, 2014

ebb + flow :: the lists

At Mall of America we take Black Friday seriously. We have sales, we have boy bands, we have a Santa set that rivals no other and we have a staff that volunteers every Thanksgiving night to help with the lines, the crowds and general Mall questions. For the fourth year, I’ll be one of those volunteers and I’m actually pretty pumped about it. I’m also pumped that I might be able to check a need of my shopping list at a bargain price: a new purse for winter. Time to start scouting all the deals!

Source :: Makenna Alysa

In-Between Season

October 21, 2014

ebb + flow :: in between seasons

We’ve reached that magical time of year when the sun beams into your eyes on the way to and from work, when you need the heat in the morning and air conditioner in the afternoon, when layers are your new best friend… you know the drill. As the days of bare legs are winding down I was inspired by these two monochromatic looks. Chunky knits and classic knits are definitely things I’m into. Bring on the unpredictable Midwest temps, I’ll be ready!

Source :: SF Girl By Bay and Lauren Conrad

The Usual Suspects

October 6, 2014

ebb + flow :: cozy night

We’ve hit the tipping point up here in Minnesota and I’m officially cold. So cold that I slept on the floor next to the fireplace last night. This is making me nervous for the 7 months of winter that are yet to even rear their head. If the Farmer’s Almanac is accurate, I’m hearing that it’s going to be a snowy one. Thankfully, I have a stash of cold day go-to’s below that have been keeping me company these last few days and will serve me well for the Minnesota winter to come.

ebb + flow :: the usual suspects

1 :: Lamborghini Mercy Sweatshirt
The birthday gift that I can always find an excuse to wear.
2 :: ‘Melissa’ Leather Boots
They go perfect with my sweatshirt, what can I say? Ha!
3 :: Gone Girl
After all the hype last week, I still haven’t had a chance to crack this one open just yet!
4 :: Voluspa Maison Blanc Candle
Perfect scent for a puppy-dominated home.
5 :: Cally Minnetonka Moccasin Slippers
For early morning dog walks and cookie baking on the cold kitchen tile.

Source :: elissa_erickson