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Cape Time

December 19, 2017

ebb + flow :: cape time

At an end of the season clearance sale last year, I got a deep green cape with a fur collar for $12 (perks of working at a mall). It’s similar to this but one zillionth of the cost. Since then it has sat in my closet because it was summer and because I kinda felt like an a-hole every time I tried to wear it. BUT, the other day, I just embraced my inner-Jon Snow and donned that cape, fur collar and all. I ended up looking way more Sansa Stark but I LOVED it. Now I’m hoping the weather stays decent so I can wear it just a bit longer. A cape-wearing monster has been created.

Source :: Design Chic

Sweater Me

September 7, 2017

ebb + flow :: sweater weather

It’s been quite chilly around these parts lately and I’m ignoring it. Summer has gone way too fast and I’m not ready for boots and sweaters and all things pumpkin spice. If I were, though, you can bet this would be my go-to outfit of choice. Slouchy sweaters for life!

Source :: Jess Ann Kirby