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Weekend Time

April 7, 2017

ebb + flow :: weekend time

Oh man, I disappeared there for a bit this week. Sorry, friends. A classic case of booked social evenings, freelance work and never-ending house projects. But I’m back just in time to sign off for a weekend of fun with my mom while she’s in town! It’s shaping up to be a beautiful few days and I cannot wait. Sending some sunshine and good weekend vibes your way as well. Enjoy!

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Weekend At Home

November 28, 2016

ebb + flow :: weekend at home

Despite the traffic jam we experienced yesterday, heading to Chicago this weekend was the perfect post-Black Friday therapy. There was an impressive brunch spread, an abundance of family traditions, an over-used selfie stick and lots of laughs. Also, wine. Plenty of wine. I’m hoping for more of all of those things sooner rather than later and hope you had a wonderful holiday as well!

Shout out to my nephew who snapped this pic with his finger covering half the lens. I love it!

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Weekend Starts Now.

September 28, 2016

ebb + flow :: weekend starts now

My weekend starts now and I’m ready! There’s a little sporting event in town (ha!) and since I married into a family of golfers the Ryder Cup has become a must-see! I’m donning patriotic gear, grabbing a few cocktails and embracing the country club lifestyle for a few days. After that, it’s back to reality with some more house projects (painting all. the. things.) but a very exciting, spontaneous visit from my mom too! This is going to be a great weekend, I can just feel it. Hope you have the same!


Third Year + New Digs

August 5, 2016

ebb + flow :: birthday + home

Yesterday was a smashing success around here, friends. The giant grey dog, Drake, celebrated his third year of life (at what age will he start to CHILL OUT?!), we closed on our new house and moved a trailer full of stuff without killing anyone or each other. Pretty successful, no? We capped off the night with two pints of Ben & Jerry’s and a RedBox. Now, we tackle moving the rest of our stuff from storage, tearing down walls and the serious home to-do list. I’m going to be documenting all the fun with the #EricksonReno on Instagram. Be sure to follow along!

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Alarm Clock Set

July 26, 2016

ebb + flow :: washington island, wi

How amazing is this photo my sister took up in Door County? The Red Head and I are hitting the road at the CRACK OF DAWN tomorrow to meet her and the rest of my family in Wisconsin for a couple days of cheese, beer, beaches and merriment. After that we’re driving south to Chicago for a wedding of a dear friend. We sure know how to schedule an action-packed weekend, eh? Catch you when I’m back next week!

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Back From The Beach

July 21, 2016

ebb + flow :: back from the beach

Travel lessons the Ericksons learned last night:

  • If your flight is delayed, take the risk of missing your connection and hustle like a crazy person through the Atlanta Airport. It will pay off.
  • The light rail blue line only runs every hour after midnight on weekdays. Plan accordingly or you’ll be sitting in the terminal station for thirty minutes in the middle of the night. It gets weird down there.
  • This is the best purse/backpack/travel buddy ever. You need it in your life.
  • Sleeping in your own bed with your giant dog, even if only for a few hours, feels pretty darn good.

So, needless to say, it was an eventful night of travel around these parts! But after a relaxing few days in Myrtle Beach I’m back in Minnesota putting some final touches on an exciting project and catching up on everything else we put on pause the last few days. Though hectic, it’s good to be back!

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It’s Here!

July 1, 2016

ebb + flow :: it's here

It’s here! It’s finally Friday and my cousins are on their way to Minnesota for the best summer holiday in all the land! Plans include boating on Lake Minnetonka, soaking up some serious swimming + sun time, jet skiing, lazy breakfasts, walks to town and some s’more cooking. It’s going to be glorious and I am so, so excited! I’m signing off until Tuesday to enjoy every second. Hope you’re able to unplug and do the same. Have a great and safe Fourth of July!

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June 28, 2016

ebb + flow :: fourth of july countdown

Since living in Minnesota, I’ve really started to L-O-V-E Fourth of July. Something about the lakes, the sunshine, the people and the energy just get me PUMPED! This year, I’m extra PUMPED (caps necessary) because I have a boatload (literally) of cousins heading north to enjoy the holiday with me. It’s safe to say this week is likely to crawl by with the anticipation. Come on, Friday!

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