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Plant Life

February 21, 2017

ebb + flow :: plant life

After a week of painting every single surface in our living room (ceiling, trim, fireplace, hearth, lights… you get the point) we are slowly starting to make the space more livable before all the furniture is moved to the renovated basement this summer. We have plenty of THINGS but are finding the room needs some life, literally. So we’re calling in the green guys to help liven up the space and this one really caught my eye.  Do I see a DIY re-make in my future?

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White + Bright

January 4, 2017

ebb + flow :: painting

Tonight’s agenda consists of a trip to Ace Hardware to get some more paint and painter’s tape and then an evening with podcasts and what I’m hoping is the final coat of the white paint on our dining room trim! Getting that stuff out of 1970 was a lot of work but it made the space so much brighter and current! Once the trim is done I’m going to add bead board below the chair rail (goodbye green!), install some art and call it good until we remodel our kitchen. Trying not to get too far ahead of ourselves with projects! Wish me luck and let me know if I have paint in my hair tomorrow, OK?

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Light Up My Life

October 6, 2016

ebb + flow :: current fave

Of all the projects going on in our house right now, we’ve got one off the checklist that I’m straight-up obsessed with. It’s this bugger in our guest room/office/dressing room (it’s a small house, we’re trying to use space efficiently!). I scored it from Lowe’s for less than $70 after eyeing some beauties at Schoolhouse Electric and  Rejuvenation that we’re way out of our price range. A couple coats of spray paint, some minor re-wiring and presto this bad boy is now the best feature in our house.

Those nine bulbs give off quite the glow so I’m hoping to add a dimmer this weekend and get some finishing touches in place in other areas of the room. One piece at a time this house is starting to feel a bit more like home!

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Going Gold

September 22, 2016

ebb + flow :: going gold with @housetwerking ebb + flow :: going gold with @housetwerking

Every day for about the last week, I’ve spent some time out in the garage spray painting. Everything is going gold at the Erickson casa, it seems, and first up was this steal of a bench from IKEA. We needed a seat (we had been using the bench from our dining room) for the desk in our living room and at $24.99 and about $15 in spray paint, this one fit the bill. Let’s see how it holds up to everyday use, that will be the real test!

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September 12, 2016

ebb + flow :: @housetwerking

As I’ve mentioned before, The Red Head and I have a serious project on our hands with the purchase of our new home. It has good bones but needs to be brought to the 21st century in almost every single way (Exhibit A). We’re tackling the basement first so we can set up a livable and up-to-code guest room, guest bath and comfy TV space. From there, we’ve got another bathroom and our kitchen atop the list and much, much more. Rather than taking over my Instagram feed with snaps of paintbrushes, rugs, accent tables and demo, I thought I’d start a separate IG account to record the fun. @HouseTwerking was an obvious username choice. Be sure to follow along!

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I have a plan. Maybe.

July 15, 2014

ebb + flow :: bedroom design ideas

Of all the spaces in our home, the one we haven’t touched in the slightest is our master bedroom. It’s an intimidating space. It takes up the ENTIRE second floor of our little adobe and has some seriously tricky angles, the most obvious of which is the dormered ceiling. I’ve been noodling on the space for quite some time and this image struck a chord with me today. I think it holds some great inspiration for our future room. Give me lots of white, bits of green, graphic patterns, grey furniture, a comfy chair, a worn rug and some weathered wood. Please and thank you. Now, I just need to find someone who loves painting odd angled bedrooms. Any takers?

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July 14, 2014

ebb + flow :: weekend project

If I’ve learned one thing about home ownership it’s that things will, more likely than not, take longer than you anticipate. Example: painting three exterior doors. I was so naive to think that my little foam roller and I could crank those bad boys out in a morning. Roughly four coats of paint and some tedious touch-up later, most of my Saturday was gone. It’s a big change for me and my love of monochromatic spaces, but I’m digging the visual interest Proud Peacock has added to our home and am high-fiving the Red Head for such a bright color choice! The best part so far has been putting into our driveway and being greeted by the bold new hue. Though not everyone would go this route, we opted to paint ALL of our exterior doors the same color. We figured the side and garage doors are the ones we use the most, so might as well enjoy the color firsthand! If we only painted the front door, our mail delivery person might be the ONLY one who even noticed the swap. Of course, between all the coats, Drizzy Drake Pup managed to get paint on his ear and various places on his coat. That little monster…

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Operation: Curb Appeal

May 16, 2014

ebb + flow :: curb appeal

If this weather cooperates for a few more weeks, we just may have a freshly painted Erickson house on our hands! The Red Head and I are super pumped and I can’t wait to share it with you when we’re done. Before the power washing, scraping, ladders and paint arrive we’ve been doing our best to prep other outside projects. My incredibly handy father-in-law installed a new door yesterday, Cole has been installing edgers like a mad man and I’ve been Googling and bothering my brother for plant advice. It’s definitely a team effort around here but I’m so excited for it all to come together. For now, though, I only have a mood board to stare at. I think the anchor door knocker is a must for soon-to-be peacock door, don’t you?

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