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IKEA Jassa

March 14, 2017

ebb + flow :: IKEA Jassa

I went to IKEA twice in the last three days. That’s a little much for someone like me with very little patience but I managed and I checked out the new Jassa collection along the way. I’ve gotta say, guys, it’s pretty solid. Perfect for summer with bamboo and rattan details, bold splashes of color and an ease about the pieces. I haven’t bought any pieces yet but I’ve got my eye on a few as the basement remodel comes together. I’m looking at you, basket.

Source :: IKEA

New Prints

March 1, 2017

ebb + flow :: new prints ebb + flow :: new prints

Unlike our old house, our new fixer-upper has some rather long walls (uninterrupted by windows and doors) that require big art statements to anchor them and not look so sad! So I’m doing my best to fill these spaces in a cost-effective way until I decide EXACTLY what I want. Enter black and white engineer prints from Staples. They have been a lifesaver (insider info, though, Staples is starting to phase these bad boys out so get them while you can!). I printed these prints from Paper & Stitch and can’t wait to give them a home in the dining room. I also printed a bunch more because I am a crazy person and got these frames on clearance. At least I’ll be a crazy person with fewer sad walls if all goes to plan!

Source :: Paper & Stitch

Going Gold

September 22, 2016

ebb + flow :: going gold with @housetwerking ebb + flow :: going gold with @housetwerking

Every day for about the last week, I’ve spent some time out in the garage spray painting. Everything is going gold at the Erickson casa, it seems, and first up was this steal of a bench from IKEA. We needed a seat (we had been using the bench from our dining room) for the desk in our living room and at $24.99 and about $15 in spray paint, this one fit the bill. Let’s see how it holds up to everyday use, that will be the real test!

Source :: @housetwerking