Hey there! My name is Elissa Erickson and it seems you’ve stumbled upon my little slice of internet real estate, ebb + flow. When I’m not here posting about design, life and everything in between you can find me working as a graphic designer for Metro Transit, freelancing in the evenings, riding a spin bike as often as possible and obsessing over my little family and home. I’m biased but I’d say I’m pretty lucky.

Ebb + flow launched in 2010 as an outlet for writing, curating, creating and venting (everyone has had those days…). The years transcribed on these pages and the thousands of posts have captured some of the most exciting years of my life thus far and I can’t wait to see what else they’ll hold in the years to come. Stick around and let’s navigate this journey together. Adventures are always better with company and you seem pretty great.

Image by Chelsey Werth