Little Moments

April 20, 2020

ebb + flow :: little moments

Anyone else feel like they’re living for the little moments every day? Some days those little moments are a nanosecond of alone time with a cold Diet Coke. Some days that moment is a glimpse of beautiful weather and a sunset. Other days it’s declaring a family movie night, making microwave popcorn and ignoring the news.

As someone who thrives on productivity and alone time, this has been an interesting (read: very challenging) time. I don’t leave the house (other than for walks or the occasional ‘drive’), I work early mornings and over nap time, every other moment I have two children by my side who haven’t mastered the art of independent play just yet, our kitchen is still mid-remodel (and the shop where work is being done is closed), and, the craziest part, we don’t know when or how this will all end…

All this to say, I am so, so lucky and grateful. At the same time, I’m also exhausted, mentally and physically, and struggling at the moment. Yay for all the emotions at once! Maybe I’ll make the advice above my little moment goal for today: rest and be kind.

Hang in there.

Image source :: Fresh Brewed Life

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