May 30, 2014

ebb + flow :: everyday i'm hustlin'

This week has been a hustle. As much as I enjoyed Monday away from the office, the four day work weeks still manage to pack a lot of punch, amiright? So I am looking forward to a weekend of celebrating the people in my life and unwinding a bit alongside them. This weekend we’ve got the Red Head’s birthday (!!), a stock-the-bar party for friends, some family time on Sunday and hopefully a trip to The Malt Shop to finish the weekend. We are way overdue for a chocolate malt (which is totally justified by walking the three blocks to get there… maybe.) and perhaps a cone for me. Whatever you’ve got planned for the next two days, I hope it’s great. Check back on Sunday and have a wonderful weekend, friends! Until then, I’ll be dreaming of cookies and cream in a waffle cone…

Source :: Paper Jam Press

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