Weekend Wrap Up 1.26 January 26, 2014

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We did it! We jumped in White Bear Lake yesterday and it was just as horrible as I imagined! Honestly for awhile there, I never thought I’d be warm again. But somehow we survived, warmed up and celebrated the day away with friends. The Polar Plunge is definitely an event worth looking into if you’re curious about it. Such a great cause and very near and dear to some of my friends. I might even be convinced to give it another try next year. We shall see. While I enjoy the final hours of the weekend, check out these links from around the web this week

Angela January 26th, 2014

Intouchables is such a great movie! I watched it last week because friends kept telling I was missing out. To anyone who hasn’t seen it yet: you’re missing out.It touched my heart and I don’t normally say stuff like that.

Alexandra @ telltaleblog January 26th, 2014

I laughed so much at the video with Lena! She’s hilarious!
If you liked The Intouchables, I also recommend Amour – quite sad, but a very good French movie.

elissabraun January 26th, 2014

ohhh thanks for the recommendation! i’ll definitely check it out. hope all is well!

elissabraun January 26th, 2014

i think it just got bumped even higher on the ‘must-see’ list now. thanks!

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