Call for Recipes

March 7, 2013


Do any of you cooking geniuses out there (I guess it would be baking geniuses, in this case) have delicious and simple bread recipes you’d care to share? I’m looking specifically for a whole wheat white bread to start but am open to those other delicious combinations. Chocolate chip zucchini, anyone? Drop me a line, I’d love to hear them.

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10 thoughts on “Call for Recipes

  1. elissabraun Post author

    i think you’re a mind reader. working on a SF trip for later this year! added to the list and am sending to my friend out there right now.

  2. Sara

    I cannot recommend highly enough this book on bread:
    It has everything you need to know to go out and start making bread without any recipes. Although the biscuit recipes are a real let down (but then, they’re not really bread).

    If you fancy something silly, Hedgehog rolls are fun – I made some ( and they are easy enough. Make bread rolls and then use a clean pair of scissors to snip little spines (they stand up of their own accord). Put the noses on after baking though!

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