February 8, 2013


After a couple days, what I thought was a ‘little bug’ has become a full-on cough, runny nose, headache, ear ache gross-ness that’s residing in my head and lungs. It’s not fun, especially since I’m supposed to be heading to Milwaukee tomorrow. Ten hours in the car just doesn’t seem to be in the cards for me. Disappointed is an understatement. Instead of brewery tours and hours of catching up I’ll be snoozing on the couch and downing medicine. Hopefully that will be enough to shake this mess and I’ll be back Monday in better spirits and health. Until then…

Source: Middle Child Complex

2 thoughts on “Rest

  1. Jessica

    Ugh I feel you sister!! I hope you have lots of good reading materials and various healing teas :) while it does suck to be sick, the silver lining can also be being forced to slow down :) feel better soon! XX

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