Piling Up

November 20, 2012

Oh, hello. Hi there. Sorry we skipped over Monday here on the blog. My evening consisted yesterday of a quick happy hour to pick up shirts for a bar crawl (it’s for charity, don’t judge), a few hours of work, a few more hours of baking, a midnight batch of garlic mashed potatoes and a house that now has garlic scent engrained in its wallpaper. Sounds like a holiday week Monday to me. That’s what happens when you work at the mecca of retail, Mall of America, your life gets a little crazy. And if you’ve been around here long enough you know that there are three things I do when life gets crazy: paint my nails, clean my makeup brushes or read a book. They’re proven stress relievers in my life. I might swap books for magazines this week because I have a stack at least 7 high. 12 hours in the car this weekend with those sounds like just what I need right about now… Hope the rest of you are holding up!

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