Weekend Wrap Up 4.8 (Sort of…) April 9, 2012

I left you hanging yesterday, so sorry about that. We lingered at the Easter feast back home, made some pit stops on the way back to Minnesota and by the time we pulled into the driveway I was spent. I had one of those nights where I didn’t even move from the spot where I landed. Sleep was needed. I woke up riddled with guilt, though, just so you know. And I felt even more guilty when I realized I only have five links for you this week. Looks like I was doing more pinning than bookmarking the last seven days.

Hope you had a great Easter celebration wherever you were! I promise not to leave you hanging for the rest of the week. Cross my heart, hope to die…

rebekka April 11th, 2012

As somebody who loves cheese more than anybody I know…wow! I have to try this!

elissabraun April 11th, 2012

rebekka, it’s so good! can you could use any kind of cheese if you have a different kind around house. being a cheese fan, i’m sure you have plenty. enjoy!

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