Weekend Wrap Up 8.21

August 21, 2011

Due to a faulty modem at home, I have been at an Excelsior Caribou Coffee for almost three hours enjoying an iced chai tea and catching up with the online world and some work. It’s funny and a bit sad how lost I feel without Internet sometimes, but yesterday I took it as a blessing in disguise, got a lot done around the house and ventured to Big Stone Mini Golf. I finished out the Internet-less day by meeting some friends for drinks on the lake. Not a bad Saturday at all. And after this post is live, I’m thinking I might do the same thing if the weather holds out. While I try and convince the Red Head to fire up the jet skis I’ve got a plethora of links from around the web this week for your enjoyment.

This week is slowly but surely filling up. I’m crossing my fingers for Internet at home by Tuesday so I’ll try and catch you before then. If not, just know that I’m missing you and the blogworld like crazy. I don’t even remember what I did before you guys, I swear…

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