Weekend Wrap Up 7.31

July 31, 2011

Starting off today with a slow morning and a movie in bed. I’ll get motivated shortly though because I have quite the to do list glaring at me from across the room. What a buzz kill. While I procrastinate a bit more I’ll drag you down with me with a group of links from around the web this week. Enjoy.

Hope you have a inspiring (and not too hot) week ahead. August already, can you believe it?!

6 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap Up 7.31

  1. mary jo

    How I love to start the day off with a movie in bed–nothing better. I’m coming back for those links–they look good!

    xo Mary Jo

  2. Sally

    Awww… juliewillyoumarryme is the cutest thing!! Also… sigh… when will they bring J Crew to the UK?!
    Hope you had a good weekend :)

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