Summer Game

June 6, 2011

Any plans for this evening, my friends? I’m heading out the door shortly to watch my cousin’s baseball game! He plays Little League in my hometown and it’s just the cutest. I dropped him off for a game last week and was only able to watch an inning but the little stud earned himself the game ball with his stellar moves on first base. Can’t wait to see what tonight holds! It’s going to be a scorcher, though. The summer heat has arrived but it’s brought the summer Little League games so it’s a fair trade.

And if I just can’t seem to get my fill of baseball tonight I’m going to a Kane County Cougars game tomorrow (highly recommended if you’re local and looking for some cheap fun). I’ll have more designy-content later this week after the baseball streak has ended, I promise. Until then, batter up!

Source: brown dress with white dots via Pinterest

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