Two for Tuesday 5.3 May 3, 2011

Hello friends. I’m here (running a little late due to a spontaneous dance party and some serious Easter candy consumption with the nephew) to bring you your Two for Tuesday. This time it’s a pair of vintage photos of Norway. Aren’t they idyllic?

In other news, I got to thinking about this ‘Two for Tuesday’ feature and I think I’m going to start something new next week. Rather than photography, the Two for Tuesday is now going to cover whatever genre I feel like that week. It could be a pair of recipes, two pieces that I think are destined to go together or maybe just a rambling post about two thoughts that popped in my head that day. I think the new freedom will be good for me and us. So let’s see where that leads, shall we?

Source: Live Fast

audrey marie May 3rd, 2011

these make me want to take a vacation – gorgeous!

elissabraun May 4th, 2011

i agree, audrey. i think it’s time for a vacation!

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