Banana Strudel

May 18, 2011

I posted a link to the Banana Strudel etsy shop on the faucethead creative facebook page yesterday but I think it’s worthy of a post here as well. Being a fan of vintage maps, globes and signs I was beyond excited when I saw this post from Erin about Banana Strudel’s extensive collection. And I mean extensive, almost 3,000 items and over 5,000 sales! I did a quick search for ‘beetles’ within their shop and these two guys above caught my eye. You can claim them as your own here and here. Happy shopping!

Source: Banana Strudel

5 thoughts on “Banana Strudel

  1. Bananastrudel

    Hello, Elissa,
    I was tickled pink to read your blog post about Bananastrudel — thanks very much! The beetles do look very pretty. I always wonder where people hang these things. I personally would recommend the powder room. That way, I’d giggle everytime someone sees them and squeals.

    As for the number of tiems, we just got past the 3,000 mark yesterday, and we will be posting lots more from recent trips to flea markets and antique shops.

    Again, thank you kindly!

    All the best from the von Strudels

  2. elissabraun Post author

    congratulations on your recent benchmark. that is most impressive! my aunt has a large vintage butterfly hanging in her powder room that i’ve always enjoyed so i think we’re on the same wavelength with the powder room idea. all the best to you and your family and thank you so much for your comment.

  3. Lana

    Thanks for the link Elissa, this looks just up my street! Hope you are well, have a fantastic week!xx

    ps I have a new giveaway up on my blog today that you may like!

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