Back from Sandwich

May 23, 2011

I’m kicking myself right now. In an attempt to avoid the torrential downpours last night I dragged my Sandwich Antiques Market desk purchase inside before snapping pictures out of doors with oodles of natural light. So what you get now are some semi-blurry, kind of janky indoor pictures but I think you can grasp the overall concept. Long-winded disclaimer aside, I love this new piece. It’s lightweight, but sturdy, contains a wee bit of storage, has the best white porcelain top and a paint job that I can easily change. At first I had no plans to alter the yellow remnants but the more I look at it, the more I think more uniform will work a bit better in future spaces. Plus, I still have to match a chair to this guy so choosing a stain I like and a chair that can easily be finished to match sounds like a great plan.

I also snagged some shoe forms to use as hooks in the future. Hanging them could be tricky, but that’s what red head engineer boyfriends are for…

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