Off to Iowa

April 14, 2011

I’m sneaking out of town a bit early this week for a quick weekend visit to Iowa. It’s Iowa State University’s annual VEISHEA celebration so I’m going to make an appearance one last time (I just can’t let the college days so, I guess). I just hope for two things. First, that I make it out alive. As a good friend of mine said, “I don’t think my health insurance covers VEISHEA…”. And second, that the weather cooperates a bit. That means no precipitation, Mother Nature, and definitely no snow. I hope you have a great weekend and stop by Sunday night for some links. Until then, I’ll be driving on Iowa 80 if you need me.

Source: E Tells Tales

3 thoughts on “Off to Iowa

  1. Elizabeth Wood

    hi! i love this image, do you know where it might have come from please?


  2. elissabraun Post author

    hmm i do not, my apologies. looks like my original link to the source has been moved. i’ll report back if i’m able to track it town!

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