April 18, 2011

I’ll admit it, I watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians every Sunday night. I don’t know what it is but I am hooked and it’s embarrassing. It gets worse though… I also watch each and every spin-off of the original series, including the latest one that just aired last night. I have a problem. But all that aside, have you seen the closet of Khloe Kardashian that was featured on The Coveteur last week? She has shoes up the wah-zoo and the signature red soles of Mr. Louboutin abound. I am beyond jealous. She’s a tall girl so maybe her and I have the same shoe size. If you’re doing some spring cleaning, call me, Khloe!

Source: The Coveteur

3 thoughts on “Envy

  1. Alexandra

    Ummm… “I want to go to there!” Although I cannot for the life of me walk in that kind of heels. If you saw them from my perspective, they’d look like instruments of torture. Pretty ones though.

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