Weekend Wrap Up 10.19

October 19, 2014

ebb + flow :: weekend wrap up

Yesterday started out so innocently. I carved out some time to finally paint the trim in the dining room white (you know, the never-ending quest I’m on to make our trim match… riveting stuff) and during the process, I noticed that our poor wallpaper was looking pretty sad. Even after install, it was never quite right. Our 90-year old walls are uneven, hard to adhere to and unpredictable, to say the least. So, in a fit of rage, I tore down all the wallpaper yesterday. As a testament to how poorly the product and our walls played together, the sheets came off in one big piece from crown molding to baseboard. Probably the easiest removal ever, but now I’ve got torn up dining room and very little time to address it. Woops! Off to Ace now to figure out next steps. Enjoy these links while I bug my favorite hardware workers.

Bang Bang Pie

October 15, 2014

ebb + flow :: bang bang pie

ebb + flow :: bang bang pie

Instead of acknowledging my lack of posting this week, I would rather talk about food and, more specifically, a place called Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits in Chicago. My sister first took me there last June when I was in town for my bachelorette party and I’ve been dying to return ever since. When the opportunity for a glutinous breakfast came up on Saturday no one needed extra convinving. Red Head and roommate in tow this time, we devoured breakfast sandwiches, chicken pot pie (pictured above), more biscuits, apple butter, jam, apple cider and even took some pie home to be enjoyed the next day. If you weren’t convinced by the chicken pot pie photo, let me tell you outright: this place is delicious. The lines get long, the people are friendly and its worth the wait if you encounter one. Get there early, come hungry and please let me know what you order so I can live vicariously through you. Thanks!

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Weekend Wrap Up 10.12

October 12, 2014

ebb + flow :: weekend wrap up

Nothing beats coming home to a tired puppy, perfect fall weather and a DVR full or Project Runway, amiright? After a fantastic weekend in Chicago I’m going to spend the next few hours unpacking, catching up with Mr. Gunn and taking a deep breath before the busy week ahead. While I do that, enjoy these links from around the web.

Now Boarding

October 9, 2014

ebb + flow :: weekend travels

I’m skipping work tomorrow and am about to embark on my own little version of Planes, Train and Automobiles as I head to Chicago this afternoon. Of course, as it goes, the plane component of my plan isn’t on schedule so I’ve got an airport date with a new book, a hopefully quiet restaurant and a dash of optimism that maybe, just maybe, the plane will depart earlier than anticipated. Here’s hoping…

Either way I’ll catch you on Sunday after a weekend of friends, family, weddings and travel. Have a good one, friends!

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The Usual Suspects

October 6, 2014

ebb + flow :: cozy night

We’ve hit the tipping point up here in Minnesota and I’m officially cold. So cold that I slept on the floor next to the fireplace last night. This is making me nervous for the 7 months of winter that are yet to even rear their head. If the Farmer’s Almanac is accurate, I’m hearing that it’s going to be a snowy one. Thankfully, I have a stash of cold day go-to’s below that have been keeping me company these last few days and will serve me well for the Minnesota winter to come.

ebb + flow :: the usual suspects

1 :: Lamborghini Mercy Sweatshirt
The birthday gift that I can always find an excuse to wear.
2 :: ‘Melissa’ Leather Boots
They go perfect with my sweatshirt, what can I say? Ha!
3 :: Gone Girl
After all the hype last week, I still haven’t had a chance to crack this one open just yet!
4 :: Voluspa Maison Blanc Candle
Perfect scent for a puppy-dominated home.
5 :: Cally Minnetonka Moccasin Slippers
For early morning dog walks and cookie baking on the cold kitchen tile.

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