Have Your Cake… Or Pie.

September 15, 2014

ebb + flow :: birthday dessert

Today, my friends, I turn the ripe old age of 28. I’m feeling in my late-twenties because, for the first time in a long time, all I want to do to celebrate tonight is eat dinner with my husband, read a book, journal and go to bed. Throw in a fire and puppy cuddles and this could shape up to truly be the best day ever! Signing off until tomorrow to bask in the birthday glory and the puppy cuddles. Mostly, the puppy cuddles.

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Weekend Wrap Up 9.14

September 14, 2014

ebb + flow :: weekend wrap up

My house is a construction zone right now and if you know anything about my obsessive need to tidy this is torture. I’m typing this post while staring at a gaping hole in the ceiling, there is a very loud sawing noise coming from our front porch, occasional nail gun shots and the Vikings game on blast. Good news, though, this is all for a good cause; we’re finally wrapping up a bunch of projects around Casa de Erickson. That means that I’ll be painting, touching up, taping and touching up some more in the weeks ahead but my paintbrushes and I are ready. One way or another, we will have all the trim in this house white by next summer. Mark my words! While I fuss over the sawdust and noise, enjoy these links from around the web.

It’s Fall.

September 12, 2014

ebb + flow :: fall weekend

It’s feeling like fall around here lately. I’ve been bundling up for my walks with the beast (I even busted out mittens on Wednesday morning!), pinning way too many pumpkin recipes, breaking in new (pre-spending freeze) boots and starting my days off with a large cup of tea. I, for one, am pumped! Fall brings lots of birthdays, anniversaries, travel and work for the Erickson family this year so there is much to look forward to. So, two thumbs up for the dropping temps, the sweaters, the football games and the lazy nights fireside. Bring. It. On.


Little Things

September 8, 2014

ebb + flow :: delicate jewelry picks

I’ve got enough costume jewelry to choke a horse, but one thing I’ve been drawn to lately is delicate and simple pieces of quality jewelry. Oftentimes I can’t justify the cost (I’m currently on a spending freeze… If you need a reason why, please look at the Red Head’s new ride!) so at least admiring is free! And Vrai & Oro and Moorea Seal have plenty to see.

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Weekend Wrap Up 9.7

September 7, 2014

ebb + flow :: weekend wrap up

Well, everything I wrote in this post on Friday turned out not to be true. We didn’t test drive a truck on Friday, we bought a truck on Friday. The couple of quiet days I had anticipated were booked suddenly booked back-to-back with events, projects and errands (the Red Head didn’t seem to mind since that meant more time in this truck!). Today is already disappearing but I’m still optimistic I can finish my book and save a little bit of truth to my Friday post. Fingers crossed! As usual, some links from around the web this week. Enjoy: