Weekend Wrap Up 1.25

January 25, 2015

ebb + flow :: weekend wrap up

I think my body knows that February and the chaos that month will bring to my life is nearing. Proof: my 10 a.m. wake-up times the last two days. I’m pretty much hibernating while I can. I’ll take it! Now I’m playing catch-up around here so enjoy these links while I attempt to hang some guest room art without swearing. Likely won’t happen but a girl can dream!

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January 23, 2015

ebb + flow :: weekend

Holy Batman, it’s Friday. Have you ever heard two such sweet syllables? Fri-day. Friday, this week, brings a weekend of back-to-back plans with friends, a guest bedroom that seriously just needs to be done (no more mishaps, please!), a lot of small steps towards bigger projects we’ve got planned for this year and new specs, because this lady just found out her eyeballs need a break, like yesterday. I’m coming for ya, Warby Parker! As always, I’ll be back on Sunday to wrap up the week but until then, enjoy the bliss that comes with Friday.

Source :: Middle Child Complex

Tunic Time

January 21, 2015

ebb + flow :: tunic time

I wore a shapeless tunic, dress or top no less than four days last week. Why I do this to myself (or why I own so many over-sized clothing items), I do not know. I’m thinking it’s time to add some more pieces with a defined waist to my life. Ladies and gents, we have a winner. It’s a good baby step above from the potato sacks of last week and seems perfect for these never-ending and dreary January days we’re experiencing.

Get the whole look here:
Tunic :: Lipstick (still my current favorite) :: Nail Polish :: Earrings
Boots :: Watch (I borrow the Red Head’s version of this all the time) :: Tights

Black Pants

January 20, 2015

ebb + flow :: black pants

If I tell you how old my go-to black pants are, you will probably stop talking to me. So, to say I am in need of new ones is the understatement of the century.

Enter: J.Crew’s MLK weekend sale. Thanks to an extra 50% off the sale section I snagged these beauties for less than $24 yesterday. Perfect length, great color, good fit, better price. Keep an eye on their site for another sale because you need them as well, trust me.

Source :: The Coveteur

The Recipe

January 19, 2015

ebb + flow :: the recipe

Life and work lately seem to be a series of daunting and never-ending deadlines. I’ve figured out the formula though, friends. An alarm clock set bright and early, Beats by Dre to drown out any distractions, a serious stash of cold Diet Coke to keep you energized, Pretty Lights on repeat and FitBit to make sure you move every now and again. So far, so good. Let’s hope this formula keeps powering me. It’s going to be a long few months ahead but I can’t wait to share the projects with you as they come together! Stay tuned.

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Weekend Wrap Up 1.18

January 18, 2015

ebb + flow :: weekend wrap up

It’s Murder Mystery Dinner day, guys! I don’t know if my enthusiasm makes me the biggest dork ever, but I’m going with it. I also LOL’d when the confirmation came addressed to Detective Erickson. This is going to be an adventure. While mentally and physically (dress code: 1950’s prom) prepare, enjoy these links from around the web this week.


January 16, 2015

ebb + flow :: weekend

This week got the best of me in many ways but things are on the upward swing, friends. I’ve got quality cousin and Red Head time tonight, a guest room headboard in the works (that I want to steal for our master bedroom), a Murder Mystery dinner date with a gal pal on Sunday, a great book on my bedside table and hopefully some Z’s on the agenda. This lady needs some shut eye. And some wine. Happy Friday and hope you enjoy a weekend of re-charging and inspiration.

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