Weekend Wrap Up 11.19

November 19, 2017

ebb + flow :: weekend wrap up

The last 36 hours I have been a tornado of productivity and it feels great! The halls are 98% decked for Christmas (making one more Michael’s run today… so many deals!), I’m just about caught up on freelance work, I made a dent in a 700+ page book for book club, raked the yard (again), shopped for Thanksgiving, conquered a warehouse sale, worked out and even managed to tidy up a bit along the way. I wish I could kick up my heels and coast for the rest of the day but I’ve got to ride this wave while I can. Look out library, errands, patio project final touches and basement storage, you’re on my list. Enjoy these links while I run around like the crazy person I am!

Getting in the Spirit

November 17, 2017

ebb + flow :: gone christmas

The biggest event on my list this weekend is a Christmas Warehouse Sale and I am readyyyyy! I hate to admit it but the Ericksons are going faux with their tree this year. After an unfortunate leaking tree stand on the hardwood floor situation last year, drastic measures must be taken. I’m sure I’ll find some other treasures along the way and blast the Mariah Carey Christmas album on my way both to and from the sale. I may even bust out the only piece of red clothing I own! Clearly, I’m getting in the spirit. Have a great weekend, friends!

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Weekend Wrap Up 11.12

November 12, 2017

ebb + flow :: weekend wrap up

Lately, I’ve been in one of two modes: either complaining about the cold and snow or fighting the urge to put up Christmas decorations. It’s been a struggle. Thankfully the sunshine this weekend slowed my roll a bit and I was in neither of the two modes above! Instead, the Red Head and I were outside putting finishing touches on the patio (more to come this Spring, of course). The project has been quite the labor of love and I cannot wait to have some happy hours there next summer. While I got sweep a little more sand into the patio seams, enjoy these links from around the web:


November 9, 2017

For our second day trip, we headed to Fes! It was another three-hour car ride but armed with library books and travel pillows, we were ready. Unfortunately for me, a bout of food poisoning settled in while on the road so my day in Fes was dotted with frequent breaks to sip on Sprite and maybe, just maybe, a couple instances of vomiting on the street. Despite that setback, Fes was our absolute favorite city! A little less chaotic than Marrakech, rich in history and arts (we toured a ceramic school and tannery) and filled with the friendliest people. A few snaps from our day in Fes, most taken by the Red Head while I was fighting the sickness!

ebb + flow :: fes ebb + flow :: fes ebb + flow :: fes ebb + flow :: fes ebb + flow :: fes ebb + flow :: fes ebb + flow :: fes


November 7, 2017

During our trip to Morocco, the Red Head and I took two day trips, the first of which was to Marrakech! We were jazzed. We had heard nothing but great things about this vibrant city. Three hours in the car and a flat tire didn’t drain our enthusiasm and I’m thankful we still had energy because Marrakech requires it. Busy streets, bustling markets, snake charmers, bakers, craftsman, animals and people run every which way. If it weren’t for our very patient tour guide I think we’d still be lost there today. We’d have lots of great trinkets to bring home but we’d still be wandering the markets for sure. Below are a few snaps of our adventure in Marrakech from markets to a great lunch spot and everything else in-between.

ebb + flow :: marrakech ebb + flow :: marrakech ebb + flow :: marrakech ebb + flow :: marrakech ebb + flow :: marrakech ebb + flow :: marrakech ebb + flow :: marrakech ebb + flow :: marrakech ebb + flow :: marrakech ebb + flow :: marrakech



November 6, 2017

While the Red Head and I were in Morocco a couple weeks ago we called Casablanca ‘home’ during our stay. To be honest, it ended up not being the favorite city we visited but it was wonderful to have the cooler temps, an ocean-side hotel and countless restaurants all within blocks every single day. Plus, with Petit Taxis readily available (and cheap!) we felt like the whole city was at our fingertips.

Below are a few snaps from around the city! Highlights include the Hassan II mosque, reading Game of Thrones by candlelight (a nightly occurrence), breathtaking tilework at every turn, fresh fruits and juices at every corner and this amazing dinner spot (not pictured). Next up: Marrakech!

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